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Dec 10, 2007 07:57 AM

2 New Design District Spots

We were heading back over the causeway from the Art Positions exhibits on Friday since we knew parking and dining would be impossible on the Beach that night. We were going to stop at Michael's but noticed that the two restaurants which had been under construction were now open. Here's what we found:

Brosia - the menu was extremely limited. You could either get a small or large tapas platter. Both came with piri-piri shrimp (very good, almost jerk in flavor), roasted pork tenderloin (good), manchego tart (not very good since it was mostly crust), ahi crudo (I hated it, very fishy, oily and salty, GF loved it). The platter was followed by a simple greek salad. For a place that just opened the service and food were surprisingly good. Granted the menu was extremely limited, it was a great idea to offer platters which sampled what will probably be on Brosia's regular menu when it's up and running. The decor is nice but the killer is the courtyard with the giant (not sure what they are) trees anchoring the center. I have a feeling the place will do well when it starts kicking in.

Domo Japones - not being full from the tapas place we hit the other new restaurant. This place was a madhouse and the hostess was not prepared for the mayhem (she reminded me of the Daria, the Beavis and Butthead spinoff). I'll make a long story short and say that a 20 minute wait turned into a 40 minute one, we were offered seats at the sushi bar but had them taken away when a party of 3 appeared out of nowhere and were apparently ahead of us, we were given a two top next to a couple who felt they could both sit on the bench side of the table and cuddle which they couldn't because the tables are literally 4 inches apart (the gentleman got irate when the hostess asked him to move to the seat across the table like everyone else), then we waited 20 minutes for a waiter who never showed up. We left. The food didn't seem that great or inventive and they were asking upwards of $20 for ramen and $5 per piece of nigiri/sashimi. I think it's a good idea we bolted.

We stopped at Michy's and had three small dishes and wondered how two entirely new places could have such vast discrepancies in service. We'll see how they do in the long run.

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  1. I feel like I should cross-reference this post from another thread - "If they close it'll be because they're not good, not because people won't drive there."

    I don't know why anyplace would choose Art Basel weekend to open. Way too much pressure.

    1. Nice report! I am wanting to try out Brosia. They also have a neat website right now at - even though there's no menu or even basic information up right now. It's just that it's the first time I've been served water while waiting for them from my house to open their restaurant! Haha.

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        The website actually does have a menu (and it sounds interesting) and all kinds of information about the restaurant. At the bottom of the page there are a few colored rectangles. Clike the green one above "menus" and it should give you an option to see breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts.

      2. Didn't have a chance to eat at Brosia, but looking forward to it.

        Had a few meals at Domo Japones and the food was excellent. Great sushi (my favorite! wonderful salmon italiano, spicy tuna, proscuito and shrimp rolls) but also surprisingly good bistro food (best short ribs I've had; killer chicken soba). It was a madhouse for Art Basel--phenomenal energy--and post-Basel it was very civilized and super cool. Great art on the walls, sharply dressed staff, great mixed drinks. I think this place has great energy and amazing potential as a regular hang out. Will defintiely come back to check out the late-night lounge.

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        1. re: foodlover19

          You must've been in a parallel universe. I can't comment on the food, but I agree it was a madhouse. The drinks were OK but the liquor selection was very limited. And the staff was dressed in black jeans and black t-shirts (of their own choosing it seemed). I want to give it another try but seriously, $20 for a bowl of ramen? Don't you think that's excessive?

          1. re: lax2mia

            I ate at Domo Japonaias the other day. It was good but (in my opinion) not excellent. We ordered the Berkshire pork ramen (crazily pricey for a bowl of ramen) and the chef kindly split it in two portions. My companion raved about the pork in his bowl but all I got was fat and gristle in an admittedly tasty broth.

            The veal cheek dumplings were tasty. (Is cheek the new tuna tar tare)? Sushi was just mediocre. We had two rolls (one yellowtail with jalapeno and one souped up roll with prosciutto). Eh and double eh.

            We also ordered an app of eggplant and (I believe) hamachi. This could've been more texturally interesting.

            Dessert was that old standby- an oozing chocolate cake. It was nothing to write home about.

            I would go back for drinks. Alas, I am still in search of a good sushi place nearby...

            1. re: chocolada

              Good Review in Newtimes today in case anyone is interested. (domo japones)


              1. re: The Chowfather AKA sobe

                I tried Domo for the second time and am still underwhelmed. It's chic as heck but the food is just okay. And it's overpriced. Perhaps the owners charge a premium because there are half naked pics of supermodels in the place?

                1. re: lax2mia

                  Lee Klein couldn’t find a parking space so he proclaims the “Design District has arrived” and issues another one of his over the top reviews to join in on the bandwagon. It must have been about the art on the walls. And just a few days ago someone on this board, who wouldn’t accept good reports about a chef, because no one really had tasted the food, proclaims “I predict this place will be THE hit of 2008.” & “You heard it here first.” He visited the location but never tasted any food. Now that had to be about the architecture. Right? For this kind of reporting, there’s and old theatre saying that I think is apropos here, “ham no eggs.”

                    1. re: 2top

                      Actually, yes. It was about the architecture, the layout, the location, and the waterfront bar. I proclaimed that red light would be the hit of 2008. I never said it would have anything to do with the food, because I haven't eaten any.

                      1. re: Miami Danny

                        In that case you would've claimed La Broche the hit of 2003 because of the layout, location and view of the bay? (And the food was apparently outrageous) We know what happend to that.

                        1. re: lax2mia

                          I'm afraid you are missing the point again. People in the neighborhood are clamoring for a new watering hole and this is going to be it. And I am rarely wrong when it comes to watering holes. As far as Lee Klein and Domo Japones are concerned, you can read my skewering at

                          1. re: Miami Danny

                            Nicely written!

                            Especially good points about reviewing resto after barely open, only 2 meals, etc. Also, I thought that VPE's statement about nobody came by to say hello was way out of line as well. Most food critics I have known prefer to dine in the "background".

                            Lastly, I happen to enjoy Fernandez but more for the writting itself than any recs.

          2. Menu for Domo Japones is now available on


            $23 for a Tofu Dengaku entree? Absurd.

            1. I tried Domo Japones last night & would definitely agree that our meal was dissappointing. The chef lacks the creativity that is expected at a restaurant like this. The service was great until our server had two more tables & then he could not be found. Best sushi I had was surprisingly the sushi tempura, not tons of battered tempura tails like at other sushi restaurants. The lobster roll & the nigiri did not seem fresh. We are going back for drinks tonight after we try oishi thai in Aventura. Maybe we will try again in the future, it is nice to get away from the beach.

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              1. re: pierrem

                I tried the Miso Cod Entree recently (boring on my part but I felt like cooked fish). The fish was sauced in a gelatinous glaze that just tasted off. It came with nothing else on the plate- no rice, no veg, no garnish. For 26 bucks a plate I was expecting slightly more. It's a cool space but it leaves a lot to be desired.

                1. re: jessierandall

                  Lee Klein's rather odd review of Brosia here
                  And the rebuttal, here
                  I'm not sure how he liked the food-if you read it, he really doesn't describe his reaction to most of it at all. And he won't eat rabbit, even though it's the most interesting dish on the menu. Weird

                  1. re: Miami Danny

                    great article! The guy gets on my nerves. What a wonderful job and I'm not sure when he stopped trying

                    1. re: Icantread

                      Just a note-had lunch at Brosia today, and there was plenty of toilet paper in both bathrooms.

                      1. re: Miami Danny

                        That's what I want in a restaurant - plenty of toilet paper.
                        (What were you doing in the lady's?)

                        1. re: Frodnesor

                          Lee Klein is a horrible food critic. This is the same guy who dissed a restaurant in South Miami because they didnt have A1 for his steak. Anyone who puts A1 on a steak has no business reviewing restaurants or their dishes.

                          Sorry to hear that Domo Japonais isnt cutting it for the people here. I will probably give it a try after seeing it on my 1st trip to Michaels last weekend, but its nice to know its a bit outrageous price-wise and lacks quality going into it so I dont get hosed.

                          1. re: Blind Mind

                            Funny, I just recced Domo to someone Thursday and it turned out they had a great meal there. I was just thanked and have no details. I have never been myself btw and it was sort of an emergency vday situation which is why I threw it out there...

                          2. re: Frodnesor

                            "(What were you doing in the lady's?)"

                            Looking for the truth...and, yes, I found it...

                  2. re: pierrem

                    Oishi Thai is very good. The thai stuff there is fantastic. The rolls can be slightly small, but very good. Similar stuff as Nobu, as the chef came from there.