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Dec 10, 2007 07:49 AM

logans roadhouse-

my husband has picked this for his birthday!! what's good/not so good? anything i must order?

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  1. This is a pretty basic chain steak/burger place. Peanut shells on the floor, etc. I like their steaks and sometimes the salmon is okay, too.

    1. One of my girlfriends who lives in IN works at a Logans and insists I come and sit in her section when I am in town. Other than the fact I find it awkward being served by my pal, so long as you do not expect gourmet, it is not bad at all. The bread is good if you like big warm squishy rolls, which I do. I typicaly get the anything and everything salad, sans egg and onion, with balsamic dressing on the side(it has been my experience that most franchises overdress salads because the majority of patrons really just want salad dressing with a bit of lettuce on the side). I know my sister has enjoyed both a strip steak and chopped steak at Logans. It's pretty standard fare, extremely casual, but good for an easygoing, affordable meal on the fly.

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        Someone already mentioned this but the rolls are really good. I always like the Roadhouse salad with steak and Balsamic dressing. There Sante fe Tilapia is really good also

      2. mmmm rolls. Also good steak salad with honey mustard.

        1. I know its too late, but it is absolutely horrible

          1. Will never go back - at least to the one in Ft Worth @ 183/820, and that is the only one that's anywhere close to where I live. After waiting an eternity for our server to appear, our order consisted of 2 small filets ccoked med. rare and med. They arrived timely enough, but both were undercooked. The manager happened by to see how our meal was. We explained and he offered to "throw" them back on the grill - after they had already been cut into. When I explained *why* that wouldn't be a good idea, he offered to grill 2 news ones. Neither of us felt like waiting (and an undercooked steak is better than one overcooked) so we declined. Upon finishing, we waited for our check.... and waited...... and waited. Finally, we asked for the manager. He apologized and said he'd get our waitress - with no offer to make any type of monetary restitution to the ticket as compensation for crappy service and a poorly cooked steak. After about another 5 minutes, the manager reappeared informing us that he had comped both meals and apologized again.

            Don't know if our waitress did a permanent disappearing act or what. Don't know if the economy is so bad that the grill "master(?)" didn't know how to cook a steak - looking around, not many people had ordered steak. What I do know is that they are evidently having ongoing problems. When I was there a few months ago, a friend ordered a ribeye and received a strip. Go figure.................