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Dec 10, 2007 07:19 AM

Restaurant suggestions downtown?

Hello Everyone,
I am attending a conference at the Sheraton Town Center and would love recommendations for restaurants, particularly those w/vegetarian and/or fish options. It would be particularly lovely to find something in walking distance.
Thanks so much!

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  1. Is this the Sheraton at Bay and Queen?
    What type of restaurant (fine dining, cheap eats, etc.) are you looking for?

    1. Walking distance is a relative thing when winter besets Toronto. Here's what's nearby for seafood:

      Japango is a reasonalbly priced, decent quality sushi house about a quarter mile from your hotel.

      Terroni is great for a casual Italian meal. The highlight of this place is their pizza. The Victoria St location is closer to your hotel, but the Queen St location is their flagship.

      For high-end Italian, Oro might be a good choice.

      George may be too meaty for you, but the chef is ah-MAY-zing and the room beautiful.

      Lastly, Starfish is an astounding seafood resto with a very pretty room. If you love oysters, this is your place. Only drawback can be that service is occasionally slow. Still... the food is worth it.

      That's all I can think of within a half mile of your hotel.

      111 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON M5C 1S2, CA

      100 Adelaide St E, Toronto, ON M5C1K9, CA

      Oro Restaurant
      45 Elm St., Toronto, ON M5G 1H1, CA

      122 Elizabeth St, Toronto, ON M5G1P5, CA

      57 Adelaide St E, Toronto, ON M5C1K6, CA

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      1. re: Googs

        re Terroni - I tried the new Courthouse location (just a couple blocks from Victoria at 57 Adelaide St E) this weekend and it was FUN. Beautiful space. Chaotic service as they had only been open for less than a week, but will be back to try again.

        I'm not sure if the Victoria location is still open.

        1. re: Bee2

          Good to know. I've been waiting for Terroni Adelaide to open. Looks like a great night out. What with the cold, who wants to hit multiple locations when you can do it all under one roof?

          I'll check Victoria next time I'm around there and report back.

          1. re: Googs

            Victoria location is closed, I've been advised.

      2. I like Green Onion ( on Dundas just west of Bay. It's not knock your socks off food, but it's fresh and tasty and reliable.

        1. For Thai, I like Golden Thai on Church @ Richmond, about a 5 min walk from Yonge/Queen for your geographic reference. You'll read reviews of varying opinion on here but I've been there twice in the last 2 months and cannot say I was disappointed. It can be quite busy so if you'll excuse minor and completely unintentional inattentiveness from the waiters during their obvious busy times, the service is otherwise great in my opinion.

          Some people say Golden Thai is oily, but personally I found SpringRolls on Front St. greasier, and even then it wasn't THAT bad at all.

          The atmosphere at Golden Thai ranges from classy to lively, basically because it's a big place with interesting decor and high ceilings and the lights are always low. So it's suitable for regular dinners and couples situations. I personally liked the coconut chicken soup, and their Green curries were quite good the times I've been there.

          Price wise they're what you'd expect for a downtown restaurant, but you do not feel ripped off at all, it's reasonable.

          I give it 8/10 for food and atmosphere and okay 7.5 for service; but if it's busy just make sure you at least meet the waiter halfway with some eye-contact or a wave and service should be just fine. Once I got their attention the staff were pleasant and attentive.

          If you want something kinda open-concept and different I still think RichTree at the BCE place isn't bad. It's a market type place with various stations serving various things. The 'patio' is nice and quiet, and the inside dining area is suitable for the whole family.

          I 2nd Terroni's for Italian.