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Dec 10, 2007 07:14 AM

Suggestions for Christmas dinner in Ocala area.

You guys were a big help with finding a place to eat Thanksgiving dinner over in the Palm Harbor area. THANKS!
I need your help again!
Is there any place in or near Ocala open for a good Christmas Dinner??? We are trying to meet half way for all of us, and that's just about half.
There would only be 6 of us, so it's not a huge gathering or anything.

Any suggestions???
THANKS in advance!! :)

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  1. The Hilton Hotel on the interstate does a buffett every year. However, I would look around,, Small towns like Ocala dont have a lot open on X-mas. I put out some feelers for ya!

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      Thanks... any other ideas within 30 miles one way or the other from Ocala?
      I appreciate the help!!