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x-mas dinner (on the company)

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Any ideas as where to go. Its a small group, so any restaurant should be able to accomodate us. I'm the resident hound, so the task of picking a restaurant falls on me. Been to all the old favorites in the past, no.9, clio, KO steak, oleana, upstairs, etc. Wondering what's new that's not outside of the old favorites, or should we just go with the tried and true? Was thinking about Clio as a standby, since on an expense account its much easier to digest.


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    1. Or Sorellina, Hamersley's, or Icarus.

        1. What about the Oak Room? It seems like a Christmas dinner kind of place, with great food, service, and a traditional feel, if that is something your group would welcome.

          O Ya is also at the top of my " if money were no object" wish list.

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            The Oak Room was a Christmas day dinner thought, and you may have meant a holiday party.

          2. ruminating about this some more, i think the answer depends on the mood you'd like to set. o ya could make for a grand, glitzy, urban affair. on the other hand, dinner at la voile would likely be an elegant and cozy event. i've organized a large x-mas prix fixe at grotto, where the food was rich and the mood highly convivial (i worry that this place might be subject to a downhill alert lately, but my point is to recall the atmosphere.)

            assuming good food is a given, what sort of ambience would you like?

            1. I love choosing the place when someone else is paying!

              Some places that would have very good food of its type and be fun for a small group: Oishii Boston, Uni, L'Espalier, Aujourd'hui, Mamma Maria, Grill 23 & Bar, Troquet, Oak Room, Craigie Street, Taranta, Sage, Salts, Pigalle, La Campania, Prezza, Rendezvous in Central Square (a bargain pick), Rialto, Taberna de Haro, Ten Tables (another bargain pick).

              These places are especially fun to have someone else pick up the check, as I consider them overpriced and rarely patronize them on my own dime: Mistral, Sorellina, the dining room at No. 9 Park, Radius.

              I haven't been to O Ya yet, but it would certainly be on my list: the prices there are frightening.