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Dec 10, 2007 06:41 AM

MSP - frozen Gnocchi

Anyone know where I can find decent frozen Gnocchi? I remember when I was in college in Duluth you could get a frozen bag of Gnocchi for like $3 at Mount Royal grocery store. I'm now in the Twin Cities and haven't had much luck finding anything good. The shelf stable stuff at Trader Joe's is rubbish if you ask me. I think Cossetta's probably has some but I find them to be over priced (maybe I'm wrong).

Thanks in advance...

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  1. You might want to give Buon Giorno Italia a call in Lillydale. They have a freezer section. I cant remember if Ive seen gnocchi there or not.

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      How about Broder's? Just a guess. And Bill's Imported Food on Lake has a bunch of frozen pastas (including gnocchi) in their freezer. I can't say I have tried them, though they are there.

    2. Try Kowalski's market...I have seen some frozen in their freezer section. I have not tried them, but they look decent. Good Luck!

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        I actually found the ones I was looking for at the Cub near Southdale. They were only $3.49 They aren't as good as I remember but they are far better than the shelf stable ones at Trader Joe's and still quite tasty.

      2. I know I've seen frozen gnocchi in the freezers at Byerly's and Lunds. However, i saw fresh packaged gnocchi at the Midtown Global Market, the Italian place, Jakeeno's.

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          The fresh packaged gnocchi at MGM sounds good. Is it made everyday I wonder?

        2. I've never tried the frozen gnocchi at Buon Giourno, but the homemade frozen raviolis are awesome. They have regulars (spinach and cheese is great), plus specials from time to time (they had pheasant raviloi once). Get some of their fine Putanesca sauce and some ravioli.

          1. Have you tried Cossettas? It sure isn't $3.00 (I wish) but it isn't bad.