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Dec 10, 2007 06:39 AM

Restaurants with good Cocktail Programs

I've definitely become caught up in this "cocktail revival" that has been taking place over the last few years. I've been to the notable cocktail bars/lounges in Manhattan and I'm hooked.

My question/request is this: Can anyone help come up with a list of restaurants(not bars or lounges with food) that are "cocktail proficient"? Are there any restaurants that can play on the same level as a Flatiron Lounge, or a Pegu Club, or a Milk and Honey? Are there any restaurants you can think of with knowledgable/conscientious bartenders with a large repertoire and a little creativity? Any restaurants with a sophisticated cocktail list?

I'll kick off the list with:

Tailor(this is an obvious one)

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  1. The bartenders at the Modern are great. Very creative and friendly. My trips there have always involved a quick stop to visit with them to recharge before dinner.

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      I totally second this. Their house cocktail list is inventive, seasonal and delicious, and they do a good job with standards.

      The Modern
      9 West 53rd Street, New York, NY 10019

    2. PO.NG has a good cocktail menu.

      1. Call it low expectations, but I really enjoyed a meal I had at Employees Only. Before you knock it as a "bar w/ food" they do have a full menu. Crema also does interesting high-end margaritas.

        1. I believe Freeman's is also known for their cocktails but it's next to impossible to get in (no reservations, 2 hour wait lists every night).

          I'm currently a bit of a sidecar fiend and the best ones I've had have been at Balthazar (really!) and the bar at Jean Georges.

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