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Restaurants with good Cocktail Programs

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I've definitely become caught up in this "cocktail revival" that has been taking place over the last few years. I've been to the notable cocktail bars/lounges in Manhattan and I'm hooked.

My question/request is this: Can anyone help come up with a list of restaurants(not bars or lounges with food) that are "cocktail proficient"? Are there any restaurants that can play on the same level as a Flatiron Lounge, or a Pegu Club, or a Milk and Honey? Are there any restaurants you can think of with knowledgable/conscientious bartenders with a large repertoire and a little creativity? Any restaurants with a sophisticated cocktail list?

I'll kick off the list with:

Tailor(this is an obvious one)

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  1. The bartenders at the Modern are great. Very creative and friendly. My trips there have always involved a quick stop to visit with them to recharge before dinner.

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      I totally second this. Their house cocktail list is inventive, seasonal and delicious, and they do a good job with standards.

      The Modern
      9 West 53rd Street, New York, NY 10019

    2. PO.NG has a good cocktail menu.

      1. Call it low expectations, but I really enjoyed a meal I had at Employees Only. Before you knock it as a "bar w/ food" they do have a full menu. Crema also does interesting high-end margaritas.

        1. I believe Freeman's is also known for their cocktails but it's next to impossible to get in (no reservations, 2 hour wait lists every night).

          I'm currently a bit of a sidecar fiend and the best ones I've had have been at Balthazar (really!) and the bar at Jean Georges.

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