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Dec 10, 2007 06:32 AM

Last-minute staff party...maybe on college?

so i need to book somewhere for a small holiday party (11 people):

-somewhere downtown (the office is at queen and spadina)
-possibly a private room, but not necessary
-maybe pool tables
-maybe dancing
-something that would be suitable for 11 feminist intellectual types

i was thinking li'ly on college, or something similar, but since this would be for a tuesday or wednesday night i'm not sure if any of the places would have dancing?

basically, i'd like it to be somewhere that has something not just a place where we'd all show up, eat and then leave. i was originally thinking lula lounge or sultan's tent, but neither of those places have availability on the dates we need.

input much much appreciated.

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  1. what about a combo like Foxley and the Dakota (just a half block away from one another).
    or foxley, then the communist daughter (should be a crowd pleaser given your group's demographic profile ;-)

    the beaver has morphed into a slightly different kind of locale i gather, so that might be an interesting option. not sure if the food is dinnerish tho.
    i'll keep thinking!

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    1. re: alisonb

      There's the Rivoli... pool hall upstairs...

    2. You might be running out of options at this late date so I'll throw out the Bloor Street Diner, even though it may not be exactly what you have in mind. They have a couple of pool tables in a cocktail bar kind of area and the food is fine, imo.

      Also, I have no experience of this place, but a colleague today told me about a place called Down One Lounge at Front & Church that has pool tables and entertainment and dancing. Might not be your thing either (and not clever by half as the communist daughter suggestion) but it looks like they're set up to handle small private parties.

      Bloor Street Diner
      55 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M4W1A5, CA

      Down One
      49 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E, CA

      1. Supermarket would have live music or a dj starting around 9. It's a good place for a group that size.

        Reservoir Lounge would also have food and dancing.

        Chinadoll might be another option besides Li'ly on College, but I'm not sure either of them would have dancing midweek.

        Satori on Queen West (where Habitat used to be) has a dj playing house on Wednesday nights, but I'm not sure if people actually start dancing...

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        1. re: spaetzle

          thanks everyone! i am leaning towards supermarket, but they said they have a comedy show that that kind of worries me. hmm. damn i wish lula lounge was open that night!!!

          has anyone tried the sparrow?

          one of my colleagues mentioned raq n waq, but their menus look a little like bad wedding food, so i don't know. any thoughts?

          1. re: allisonjayne

            Sparrow closed six months ago. And Foxley doesn't do reservations.

        2. the feinist intellectual types caught my eye . . . what about Alice's (what was Slack Alice) on Church north of Wellesley.

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          1. re: orangewasabi

            What spelling are you using for feminist? ;-)

            Not College St, but what about the Academy of Spherical Arts?

            1. re: Googs

              Spherical Arts is great for drinks, nibblies and pool, but I wouldn't eat dinner there. The food is horrible.

          2. Also try Veni Vidi Vici on College - they have a private back room and may have space for a Tues or Wednesday...