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Dec 10, 2007 06:15 AM

What are your favorite condiments with EGGS?

I am an absolute fanatic about everything eggs. I still can't think of a single egg dish that I do not like - I LOVE scrambled eggs, omelettes, poached, pan-fried, frittata, you name it. What I found interesting is that for each type of egg dish, I use a different kind of condiment(s). For scrambled eggs, I like just salt and pepper; omelettes I add ketchup and hot sauce; I like to add sweet soy sauce on my pan-fried (i know it is weird), and sometime mayo on my tamago-yaki (Japanese style omelette).

What about you? What are your favorite condiments with your eggs?

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  1. Lots of black pepper and Melinda's XXX habaƱero sauce.

    1. Ketchup and Tabasco.





      1. Texas Pete Hot Sauce. It adds heat, but isn't as scorching as Tabasco.

        1. HP sauce on fried eggs.
          I don't understand, but my husband like it.
          maybe daddy's sauce (?),too.

          1. Hot sauce( depends what I feel like): Crystal, Tobasco, Melinda's


            salsa or picante sauce.