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Dec 10, 2007 05:52 AM

Best bistro-style cookbooks?

Hello -

Wondering what the best bistro-style cookbooks are out there. I have Gordon Hamersley's bistro style at home, Patricia Wells' book.

Seems like a topic that might have a lot of very good examples.


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  1. More brasserie than bistro, but I've had great successes with the Balthazar cookbook.

    It's one of the few restaurant cookbooks I have where the recipes are quite straightforward.

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    1. re: MMRuth

      I second Balthazar. It is a fantastic cookbook.

    2. I LOVED reading the Bouchon Cookbook (Thomas Keller) but haven't cooked out of it yet. It is a really gorgeous coffee table-size book, which does make it a little unwieldy for the kitchen...

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      1. re: heathermb

        I have Bouchon as well. I love reading it, I just haven't gotten around to cooking from it directly. Though, I use Keller's cooking tips all the time.

      2. "Paris Bistro Cooking" by Linda Dannenberg is well worth having. It is a bit expensive, but the recipes are elegant and "do-able."

        "Simple French Cooking: Recipes from Our Mothers' Kitchens" by Georges Blanc and Coco Jobard is apparently out of print. It is not so easy to use, but full of insights into the relationship between "bistro-stye" and "home cooking."


        1. Those are the two I have as well. I've marked a bunch of Hammersley's recipes, but never made anything from it. Have you used it much? Do you have any favorites to recommend?

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            Try his roast chicken. It is a signature dish in his restaurant, and it really does come out very similar at home.
            His gratins are really very good as well. He has one creamy and one not so creamy. Both are outstanding.

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              Two big hits from the Hammersley recipes that have been big hits in my house are the rabbit braised in red wine with bacon, pearl onions, and chanterelles and the oven baked penne with onions, walnuts and goat cheese.

            2. I've read through this book at the store and I most are bistro recipes that are VERY easy and do-able at home. I plan to try some of these recipes soon.

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              1. re: Ora

                I have that one as well and just last weekend made the Beef Bourguignon which turned out fantastically.