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Dec 10, 2007 05:48 AM

Simple Bistro - Review

What a find! Only open for 4 weeks when we went last Wednesday night, with a small group, it was suprisingly good!

The service was excellent and everything was paced out well, given we were a group of 6. I could imagine the place being a little noisy, when full (though there were other tables occupied, I suspect we were the loudest!), it was a nice, cosy space.

The bread, amply supplied, tasted like it came from Celestin, which would make sense... They have some of the best baguette going! The menu is short and ... simple... :) I had the warm beet salad with pork bellies to start. It was good. My husband had the escargot. He enjoyed them, though found them a tad underseasoned. I had the short ribs which were absolutely divine! The best I've had in a long while. My husband had the duck confit, which he said was quite good. The rest of our party had some variation of what I just described, except one who had the steak frites. He didn't say anything at all while eating, so I have to presume it was good as he is normally a talker!

Desserts were lovely: Tarte tatin was well flavoured without being over the top; creme brulee was excellent and the chocolate tart was good too.... all around, a pleasant experience that I highly recommend for a casual, not too expensive mid-town experience.

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  1. Sounds lovely, it's now on my list to try.

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      Simple Bistro
      619 Mount Pleasant Rd, Toronto, ON M4S2M5, CA

      1. Since Square left the ‘hood great dining has been rather limited on Mount Pleasant. There’s Celestine – good food – but after being scolded by a waiter on my carb count when requesting more bread…..not one of my fave places to go. Simple Bistro is…well, simply wonderful. We checked it out just this past week and enjoyed an amazing meal. The short ribs and duck confit are highly recommended. The experience was great from start to finish. Delish martinis to start….done right !! Super cold, super dry – just as requested, excellent wines to choose from, great mains and a killer crème brule to cap it all off. The service was aces…attentive and professional - and how many carbs I ingested were thankfully not brought to my attention !