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Dec 10, 2007 05:19 AM

Restaurant supply store...

open to the general public, even just one other, in the Tristate area? Well, close to Westchester and lower CT, that is. I am not good at navigating in NJ.

Does anyone know of even just one other than the store in New Rochelle?

I am looking for a nine inch square restaurant pan and the NR store doesn't have it. I love my RS cookie trays and lasagna pans, but would like to add to my stock. Thanks.

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  1. Dolores, Elmsford is out of business, I contacted a supply store in White Plains and was referred back to New Rochelle,sorry. Did you try Chef Central?

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    1. re: chowdom

      Yes, and unless I wasn't finding them, they don't seem to carry the heavy gauge stainless steel pans that NR still carries.

    2. In Port Chester, according to my map on Abendroth (?), a couple of blocks toward Ct. from Willett House. I've never actually been in -- used to shop at the one in Elmsford, which I believe is now closed.

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      1. re: Westjanie

        Thanks, Westjanie. I'll have to try to find it.

        1. re: Westjanie

          I lived in Port Chester years ago and shopped there a lot. I'm glad to hear it's still open!

          1. re: southernitalian

            yup still open and definitely open to the public. I do think they close fairly early - around 4-ish on weekdays?

            I go there every other month or so. You'll find a good supply of things like lasagna pans, etc.

            Here it is:

            Harris Restaurant Supplies
            25 Abendroth Ave, Port Chester, NY

        2. Dolores,

          Not sure where you live, but there's Globe Equipment Company in Bridgeport, CT.

          It's off of exit 25 of I-95.

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          1. re: Low_Fat

            2 great ones in port chester will have what you are looking for:
            --strauss warehouse outlet
            --harris restaurant supply
            also i norwalk, ct.....there is "the cook's nook".........which is fabulous........

            1. re: southlake

              I'm in White Plains, but all the suggestions are viable, thank you.

              1. re: dolores

                I forgot to mention that Pepe's Pizza of Fairfield is also located near that exit. In case you like New Haven style pizza.