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Masago recipes

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I was gifted with a pound of masago (the tiny roe often found on sushi) and am at a loss. Short of eating it with rice (or sneaking a spoonful every time in in the kitchen), I've no idea what to do with this stuff. There are only so many spoonfuls I can consume in the next week or so before I feel like never eating any sort of fish eggs ever again, which is something I would like to avoid since I've also got salmon roe in the fridge at the moment.

Can anyone help (short of sushi or baked salmon)?

Please & thank you!

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  1. You could invent your own fusion cuisine by putting it on everything in sight.

    A pound is a lot of what is essentially a condiment. Does anyone know how well it keeps?


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      I do know that salmon roe only keeps for a few days. I'm guessing that the OP should use that gift of roe reasonably quickly. BigBunny definitely has the right idea - to use it in everything.

      Baked salmon with masago is sounding particularly appealing right now. Here's a link to a recipe:

    2. Would masago work in taramasalata?


      1. Back in the late 60s I'll bet it was there an hors d'oeuvre making the rounds called Caviar Pie. I see recipes all over the Web for it. Here's one of them:

        This one calls for 4 ounces of caviar, but if I recall correctly you easily use 8 ounces. It's been decades since I had it--or even thought of it--but I know I really liked it at the time.

        1. On a bagel with cream cheese

          Tossed on pasta just before serving with EVOO and/or butter; other seasoning as you see fit.

          Tossed on an omlette or on scrambled eggs -- again, just before serving.

          You can freeze masago wth only a little textural loss. Keep in mind that it is salty; you may want to cut back on other salt.

          1. I like it as an addition to sunomono

            Also, you could break it down into smaller packages and toss it in the freezer for future use...

            1. Thanks for the suggestions. I shall keep them in mind in my eating fun - especially the cream cheese & sunomono suggestions. I will definitely be freezing some of the roe but wanted ideas since, at some point, the frozen roe would still have to be eaten.

              Just as an additional "recipe" for anyone else looking at this thread, I did a sticky rice with masago last night that turned out surprisingly delicious. I made a very tiny pot of sticky rice for one, added enough masago to turn the whole thing the colour of the roe, tossed in some cashews & lotus seeds (nut?), and sprinkled the whole thing with a little furikaki for extra flavour. Yum.

              1. Here's one that I copied when it was first posted. Sounds mighty good to me, but I haven't got around to trying it.