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Dec 10, 2007 04:44 AM

Ice Cream Scoop for Cookie Dough

What size scoop do I buy when I want to use it for cookies? OXO has small, medium, large - other brands are 1 1/8th, 1 3/8th, or 1 5/8th - or just numbers - #12 scoop, #18 sccop, etc... Is there a standard size that most cookie recipes reccommend?

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  1. From

    Ice Cream Scoop
    #16 = 16 scoops per quart, 2 oz,
    2-1/8" wide bowl,
    Stainless $11.99
    This is the scoop that can be used for cookies.
    There are similar scoops to be found at various stores.

    1. It really depends on the size you want your finished cookie to be- I have a collection of them in various sizes, from very small to fairly large. Here is a thread from a couple weeks ago, when someone was looking for a particular large sized cookie scoop- a lot of the discussion should be useful to you in figuring out sizing:

      1. The Zerroll scoops sold by the Bakers Catalogue (King Arthur) are 100 (small), 40 (medium) and 30 (large). The Zeroll scoops are nice because they are one of the few that are ambidextrous.

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          Hey, that's good to know (says the lefty). Thanks!

        2. Yes, look at for a full range.

          1. What you want is not an ice cream scoop, exactly, but a disher. It can be used as an ice cream scoop but is distinguished by the sweeper arm that isn't present on your everyday ice cream scoop. As Anniemax says, it's really up to you and how big you want your cookies to be.

            The number on a disher is the number of scoops you'll get out of a quart of stuff. So a #16 should be half the size of a #8.