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Dec 10, 2007 04:23 AM

spicy hot chocolate - downtown toronto

hi there
i'm looking for somewhere that serves spicy hot chocolate in toronto - downtown if possible since I dont own a car!
i did a search but didnt really come up with too much aside from someone mentioning that Johnny Banana at Queen/Bathurst does one (is it good?)

thanks in advance!

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  1. One of the most well known spicy hot chocolate in Toronto is Soma's Mayan Hot Chocolate. It is a warming thick hot chocolate with some nice spices to it, that warms all areas of the tastebuds. It is available in several different forms with milk, etc. They are located in the Distillery District...

    1. i know you're looking for somewhere you can go out for spicy hot chocolate - and soma sounds great, can't wait to try it - but if you can get your hands on some of the "aztec hot chocolate" from marie-belle new york to make at home, it's really good. i bought some last year in hamilton at delicieux tea room, but i'm sure you can find it in toronto or buy in on-line.

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        Marie-Belle is available at Teatro Verde in Hazelton Lanes.

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          Marie-Belle is also at the Pusateri's in Yorkville.

      2. You have to try the Soma Mayan Hot Chocolate at least once.

        1. I liked it at Johnny Bananas...and while you're there try the chorizo and potato burrito!

          1. dufflet's and j.s. bonbons serve a variety of hot chocolate and both offer a spicy one.
            ( j.s. bonbons used to have a shop near the queen st. dufflet's, but i think that closed down. not sure where the other one is.)

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              The other JS BonBons store is where Dupont and Davenport meet.