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Dec 9, 2007 10:07 PM

Lunch - Oroville to Chico?

On Tuesday, I'm responsible to plan a lunch stop for 4 people between Oroville to Chico. We have about an hour for lunch. Any recommendations? Good- food and fast/easy enough to get in/out in an hour. Also, one colleague does not eat meat so option are a must.

Thank for any ideas!

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  1. Lakeview Bar & Grill above Oroville Dam at the Kelly Ridge Golf Course has a good lunch also nice salads. There is a good view of the dam, the lake (almost empty) and the Sacramento Valley. It is very pleasant.
    Lakeview Bar & Grill
    5131 Royal Oaks Dr, Oroville, CA
    (530) 589-2100

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      Service up there can be really slow.

    2. I'm sorry I missed this before you had to decide. Tuesday-Friday, a great stop is Checkers. Ok, the wait staff is kids, but it's for a good cause, and the food is great at a cheap price. I've managed in and out in an hour several times. It also has easy access to Hwy. 70.

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        Thanks for both of these recs. When I return, I'll have to check these out.

        We ended up at Taqueria Maria's which someone directed us to. It fit the bill in terms of time and solid enough food. I ordered the fish taco (fried) and I didn't like the breading. Not what I was expecting. The rice and beans were good though.

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          IMO, Checkers has the best food in Oroville, but it is very busy during the lunch hour and rightly so. Going before or after the lunch hour is more relaxing. Thursday and Friday they serve an excellent New England clam chowder during lunch only. Dinner is full sit-down service with an interesting wine list.

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            You'll have to get reservations for one of their Wine Tasting/Pairing dinners. We went from February until September, when Life got out of hand for awhile. We'll be looking to get back into the swing of things again in '08. Meals were small plate offerings with each wine course...most were truly enjoyable, and wines were available that night.

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            I'm really sorry you were sent to Maria's. It's not the best by any stretch. For a Taqueria in Oroville, try Taqueria Estrella at Feather River and Montgomery in the strip mall behind the mini-mart. They don't have sit-down space, but the food is loads better; also try the Mexican market La Esmeralda. Their food is fabulous! Still, not much of a place to sit down, but with Riverbend Park right there now, if the weather is good, all will be well! I love their market...and their meat counter!

            1. re: NoCAFoodie

              Oh yes, this is a good find.

              Think taco truck in a Mexican market. Very good and super clean, if that matters.

              On Oro Dam Blvd. just east of WalMart Close to Hwy 99

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                Estrella has expanded and now has a few tables.

                Greasy but good.