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What to order when feeling sick, but have to be there and want to hide it?

Have to attend a work holiday party, but don't want to be the only one at the table not eating (feeling sick!).,.what can I order that is easy enough to play around with to make others think I ate and enjoyed myself? ...just want to make a clean getaway and get back home!

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  1. It depends where you're eating, burl. My first thoughts were soup or risotto....

    1. Stick with soups and breads if you're feeling queasy. Avoid salads because you have to eat so much before anyone notices you've eaten anything. Stay away from greasy, smelly, highly spiced foods. I don't know about you, but when I feel sick I always know instinctively what I need to eat and what I'd better avoid.

      1. If there is a bar, ask them to prepare seltzer & bitters. Helps settle the tummy. I 2nd Fusers suggestions.

        1. If you're nauseated, it sounds paradoxical but frequently a greasy item like a bacon cheeseburger helps by stimulating the release of bile from the gall bladder.


          1. Depends on the kind of restaurant you're hitting.

            If you're going Asian, try one of the huge noodle soups or congee.

            Otherwise, stick to plain-ish carbs like risotto, polenta, mashed potatoes, or easily digestible foods (scrambled eggs, etc.)

            1. Why on earth would you try to force yourself to eat when your body is making it clear that it doesn't want to 'deal with a meal'? You may have a stomach virus. If you do, it's contageous. You should excuse yourself and go home. If you absolutely, positively have to be there, you should stick to ginger ale and explain that your stomach is upset and you'd just as soon not push it by eating.

              1. Don't go if it's a sit-down at the table holiday party. If you have the flu or something else that's catchy (you don't mention this) other people may get sick too.

                If it's a walk-around type of party where everybody schmoozes in groups, show up for 10 minutes, walk around the room to show your face and then leave. Unless you're a top VIP, you won't be missed that much. Nobody remembers after a few drinks.

                1. DO NOT GO!!!

                  two reasons:

                  1 - You are sick so take care of yourself
                  2 - You are sick and it is compeltely unfair of a person who knows they are sick and possible contagious to expose others.

                  Jfood has sent colleagues home and has asked them to leave his office if they show up sneezing. He asks what meds they are on and unless he hears "I went on XXX (and XXX better be a anti-biotic) two days ago", meeting is over. They can return to their office and jfood will establish a call-in number so they can attend without getting others sick.

                  1. Halvah and Guinness Stout....works for me every time

                    1. Rather than a stomach flu, I got the feeling that burlgurl might be eating (or not eating, at the moment...) for two and doesn't want the coworkers to know yet. But hell, who knows.

                      Maybe order pasta or something? Those bowls never seem to get empty looking even when people are eating a ton - you can always make a joke about portion sizes being so huge, it doesn't even look like you touched it! Haha. Etc.

                      1. Agree with the more mellow comfort food recs. Also remember that rearranging the food on your plate, pushing it around, making space on the plate, makes it look like you ate. I have seen people with food disorders do this, and I was amazed that the plate looked like she ate, but maybe 3 bites passed her lips. Eliminates doofy questions from others.

                        1. "Feeling sick" how? If it's a respiratory thing, eat something hot and soft like risotto. If it's your tummy, don't eat. Remember the time President Bush the First threw up all over the Japanese ambassador because he ate at a state dinner just to be polite when he had a stomach virus. Not recommended.

                          1. When I was pregnant, I had "all day sickness." I would order a Ginger Ale or Sprite to drink, and for the meal something starchy such as pasta, rice or potatoes (mashed or baked, no toppings) and maybe some simply-cooked chicken. I would stay away from greasy, spicy or creamy things. Tomatoes and dairy especially aggravated my stomach. I also agree with the person who suggested soup and bread.

                            As for those who say that burlgurl should just avoid the party, sometimes that's not possible.

                            Good luck!