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Dec 9, 2007 07:58 PM

Space Needle Fare?

What was your experience like with a small dinner party as of recent, or brunch for that matter. I would really like to know how the food is there, much of my family has been born and raised here and we have never actually eaten while we have visited the Space Needle, now that we are looking for a place for a 15-20 person dining experience, and a fun one...we are considering this as the place. Thank you.

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  1. I have heard nothing but bad things about the food, service and price of the space needle restaurant. I say you're better off going to one of the really good restaurants in Lower Queen Anne.

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    1. re: shelsieann

      Thank you for that! I was wondering why I didnt find many reviews on them! You may have saved me.

      1. re: Shanab

        I've had a few lunches there (with my kids, but I'd go with adults under the right circumstances). The food was quite decent -- not cutting-edge, but good. Service was good as far as I can recall, and the view meant we had a great time. You certainly wouldn't go there for a culinary experience -- which is why I usually go out -- but the food won't detract from your fun. The main negative is the cost, which is nearly twice what you would pay on land for similar food. But you're not paying for the food. If you can come to terms with that fact, you'll have fun.

        1. re: BruceB

          Thats exactly what my thoughts are...Im paying for a memorable experience for and with the family. I do hope brunch will be good though, as long as whats meant to be hot is hot and cold is cold, I think we will be ok! We are considering this menu, each person gets a choice of 3 items, one from each section...