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Dec 9, 2007 07:52 PM

Can I freeze baked macaroons for a week?

That is- coconut macaroons. I know some cookies are not great freezers, but I need to keep these for a party on Friday, and I can't let them dry out. I'm concerned about storing them unfrozen in case they get damp and sticky.The recipe says nothing about storing them. I want to thaw them Thursday night and dip their bottoms in dark chocolate. Has anyone succeeded in freezing macaroons?

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  1. A friendly bump.

    I just made some macaroons with chocolate ganache and was wondering the same thing.

    1. I've frozen macaroons for at least a month.

      1. Hi, I just saw this post and am trying to do the same thing (albeit a year later!) ...
        How did yours turn out? I was wondering if I could freeze WITH the chocolate too.
        Please tell me about yours, and your thoughts on doing w/the chocolate already on.

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          I have been making these coconut macaroons for years and they freeze beautifully. I always make them ahead of time for Passover, but I don't dip them in chocolate.