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Dec 9, 2007 07:52 PM

What Happened To Rob Feenie?

I am an out of town hound from Toronto and fell like I just got back from the Moon. How far out of the loop am I ??? I am coming to Vancouver in mid Febuary and made a reservation at Lumiere, the only reason being I have wanted to taste Rob Feenies food for sometime, and now I hear he is gone from both of his locations. I will be in Vancouver for three days and than moving off to Whistler for another Four days can someone please shed some light on this subject and maybe reccomened weather or not I should keep my reservations at either one of his former restaurants.

Thanks In Adavance.

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  1. I do not live in Vancouver so am not close at hand but as a result of a conflict...facts unknown and much hyperbole and rumour... no doubt subject to expensive litigation...Feenie has been "replaced" as the executive chef at both Lumiere and his namesake Feenie's.

    Lawsuits to follow.

    Do not know if either restaurant has suffered.

    Feenie was replaced by another Canadian chef who was formerly at Gordon Ramsey's restaurant in NYC...good article from I think the New Yorker elsewhere within this website...who I have heard good things about. Never having eaten at either spot I am not sure if they will have suffered from chef's departure.

    This site is more Calgary-centric but maybe someone who is from or has recently visited Vancouver can be of more assistance.

    1. There's a huge thread on it in the western Canada forum at

      I was at Lumiere Aug 31 and I thought it was pretty good. Apparently he wasn't there already at that time, and didn't actually cook much when even when he was. I'm not sure I'd go regularly at $180 per person, but as an out-of-towner trying out what was currently on offer in Vancouver it was great. Lots of courses (I think around 10 or so), can't remember the details, but really interesting food and great service. I'd recommend you keep your reservation at Lumiere. I didn't go to Feenies so I can't comment on what it's like.

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      1. Here's the story from the Vancouver Sun about the whole situation:

      2. Hey Food4201
        Did you check out the Cactus Club restaurant?

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          Necro! I don't think Food4201 will be back on this board for a long time.

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            Yep. A post from the dead.

            Anyway to YVR1, there are plenty of reviews of Cactus Club to be found. Have a look at for example.

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                When Cactus Club opened a "store" here in Edmonton, he was quite often on site talking wtih clientele like me. Have not seen him for quite some time.

                He was also chef in residence at N.A.I.T. who have a culinary cooking program.

                This year it is David Adjey [sp?]

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                  i've heard that he only visits in summer :)

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                    LOL...if I had my way, I would only visit here during the summer too [smile]

        2. definitely a blast from the past. Feenie has improved the menu at Cactus Club tremendously. though quality control for casual chains are obviously a major issue and CC is no exception. i believe his title is the food architect or something ...
          sounds like he is really happy in this capacity and able to spend more time with family etc etc....

          2563W Broadway W, Vancouver, BC V6K2E9, CA

          1. Rob ran into some financial difficulties and was bought out by Daniel Bolud. They wanted to keep Feenie as head chef, but clashed on menu offerings. (This is what I have heard anyway.) He's still well respected as a chef and the duck club on Cactus Club's menu is awesome-apparently so is the pasta (ravioli?) with prawns someone at our table had. The chef at Lumiere now was recently on Top Chef Canada. He was with Gordon Ramsay before working for Bolud. Have never been to Lumiere-would like to try it...maybe soon.