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Dec 9, 2007 07:47 PM

Niagara Falls- Best Authentic Pizza? That delivers?

Going to be in the Falls on Tuesday
Was wondering where the best Pizzeria in town is, that delivers to your hotel?
Would like to order from a place that has been around for a bit, a local's favourite with fresh ingredients.......

I like the NYC style with lots of cheese oooozing out of the box
Like the Toni Bulloni's style pizza in Yorkville



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  1. I have some suggestions, not sure if they will be helpful or not. About ten minutes from the falls along Lundy's Lane is a local favourite, people seem to rave about it, though I am celiac so not a good judge! It is called Mossimo's and it is at Hwy 20 (aka Lundys Lane by another name) and Pelham Road, just south of the intersection. If you are willing to go to St. Catharines, there is a good place called Big Marcos on Fourth Avenue. In the Falls itself, there is Napoli Pizza on Ferry, it has been there a long time, again, no first hand knowledge. There is also ''Your neighbourhood Pizza" on Lundys Lane. Unless you want to head over the border the majority of the pizza places in the Falls are chains. Most people in the Region eat outside the Falls area! I hope you have a nice trip!

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    1. re: missmouse

      Um, If you read what I asked
      I will be staying in NIAGARA FALLS at a HOTEL and want a pizza DELIVERED...LOL!

      I don't think a Pizza place in St. Catherine's is a good recommendation.......hahaha!

      But thanks anyway for your other rec's :) :)

      I asked around and co-workers suggested:

      Looks great, we are going to try them!

      1. re: NoFixedAddress

        Zappi's is fine but you'd have to order extra extra cheese and extra oil to make it the ooey gooey pizza we both seem to crave. What's up with the healthy trend in pizza these days?!

        1. re: Food Tourist

          I'm in the falls tonight and partner is meeting me tomorrow. So wanted some pizza and per this thread's rec I ordered Zappi's and it was excellent. Per FT I got the double cheese and peperoni and it was gooey greatness. Crust was crispy and despite all the cheese it wasn't super greasy! Thanks it's now a NF staple!

          1. re: abigllama

            Well finally ordered from Zappi's
            and I hate to say but it was terrible!

            We were there on a Thursday night, ordered it to our Hotel Suite.
            Called at arrived at 8:15pm

            We were so excited about it.
            The website states authentic real ingredients, I was so exicted.

            We called the restaurant at 7:10pm to state, where is our pizza.
            They state it should be there any minute.

            Then minutes later, a knock at the door.

            We sit down, open the box and dig in.

            WELL, it was COLD, and all the FRESH ingredients had turned hard, cheese tough. It looked like it had been sitting in the back seat for a while.

            I wrote them to state this.
            Was very very upset.
            The hotel even told us that Zappi's is minutes away from the hotel.

            In my letter I did vent, but stated I would try them again.
            Give them a chance.

            She wrote back and I quote:
            "I can’t tell how mad you are…I’m very sorry is all I can say. We try to please all our customers and 99% of the time we do. Unfortunately the delivery business is very hard these days and I am sorry you suffered from it. We were very busy that night and I’m not sure what happened but I would be happy to give you a credit for the next time you’re in town. Hopefully you can come in and see just how good our pizza really is? Please give us your phone number and we have a credit on the system for you"

            It is NOT about getting a credit, getting something for FREE.
            It is however about CONSISTENCY in your food.

            And what does......." the delivery business is very hard " mean?

            You would think, being that Zappi's being in business would have it going on!!! AND yes, I am going to try it one more time, and NO I will not give them my number for a freebie. I just want to be an average customer, getting the pizza product that was advertised and raved about!

            See link:

            1. re: NoFixedAddress

              I'm sorry, but I don't understand what sort of reply you expected. Something along the lines of "I'm sorry, we're the stupidest people who ever operated a business. We will shut down because we feel that we're failed you as a customer"? I figure that any reply that doesn't seem overly sarcastic and is willing to comp you a pizza is quite good.

              1. re: Blueicus

                I think you got them on an off night. I had a really positive experience and a tasty pizza that blows away what shows up at my door in Toronto! We're going to spend a night at the Hilton in the falls on Sunday and instead of the the not so great food with a great view at the Watermark, going to order Zappi's in for a pre gambling meal!

                "The delivery business is hard" is a term I heard from friends that deliverd pizza in university. Wrong addresses, people that don't have enough money, people that complain to get free stuff, and new drivers that decide to go get high instead of deliver the pizzas make it tricky sometimes. You had a valid complaint and sounds like they handled it well so not sure what you seem offended by.

              2. re: NoFixedAddress

                ive been to zappis several times, the food is magnificent, I am a local so i can vouch for the delivery, most places in the area use private delivery services since the town is so active and business is busy. these services usually will pick up an order on time (pizza prolly roughly between 20-30 mins) and the driver will make other stops at other businesses to save gas and kill 4 birds with one stone. this could be the cause of late delivery and cold food. I am sure its understandable than when your sending out about 20 orders an hour on a busy night that it is too expensive to have 20-30 of your own delivery drivers for a specific restaurant.

                1. re: johndamelio39

                  My Zappi's staple has strayed on occasion. Never had as bad of an experience as NoFixed but it has been inconsistant. When it's good it's amazing but the quality seems to vary. Love their sauce and on one vist the sauce tasted very bland and different. Emailed to ask if there's been a change in things and never got a response. Tried it again later in the year and it was back to normal again and excellent.

                  We tried to get delivery a couple of months back while down at the casino. Called a couple of hours before the close time posted on the website. Phone rang and rang, finally someone answered and yelled "Zappis WE'RE CLOSED!" and hung up.

                  This used to be something we'd look forward to as part of a visit to the falls but not so much now. Like going to the casino the service and food seems to be a bit of a gamble. For delivery pizza it's fairly pricy so not sure it's worth the risk of it being an off day.

        2. Still puzzling over how OP thought "authentic" pizza, whatever that means, could be found in Niagara Falls, especially when the preferred style is NYC. I mean really, what is "authentic" when it comes to pizza?

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          1. re: JamieK

            alot of nyc pizzerias use an old fashion brick oven with real fresh (market bought that day) (some even grow their own veggies) and a home made rich sauce, the cheese is always nice high quality cheese ordered to their specifications and not the generic dairy truck drop offs. they could be referring to this

            (if you ever get the chance to visit a nice family owned pizza place with a brick it

          2. It amazes me that nobody has mentioned Antica Pizzeria yet in a thread about NF pizza places. Excellent fire-cooked pizza with extra thin crust, it's certainly a unique and worthwhile experience. Not sure if they deliver, but I doubt it as it's more of a sit down restaurant than a in/out pizzeria.

            Antica Pizzeria
            5785 Victoria Ave, Niagara Falls, ON L2G3L6, CA

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            1. re: goldsac

              I second Antica....emphatically.
              We routinely drive an hour to have pizza there.
              Also not sure about delivery.

              1. re: wookert

                I finally had lunch at Antica today. I had tried for a late dinner on Tuesday but they closed early due to weather fears. What struck me about the menu is it is Canadian ingredients in a wood oven thin crust style, despite the Italian decor and music! They have a ton of pepperoni and ham on the menu, but no mention of fresh basil, bocconcini, real Italian meats, etc. It reminded me of Dino's wood pizza in Etobicoke - close, but no cigar.
                After asking for the ingredients, I purposely ordered a bocconcini and fresh basil "margherita" (their margherita has shredded mozza and sauce only) and was satisfied with the crispy thin crust. The crust is way better than the soggy mess you get at Libretto and Queen Margherita in Toronto. However, the taste is just average overall.
                I wouldn't drive out of my way or out of town for Antica. They also have a "pay at the cashier" policy which would have been nice to know before sitting at my table for ages wondering why they weren't picking up my credit card! (Nobody was standing at the cash so there was no clue provided!) Plain pizza for one person (6 slice) is $10 plus $2 for the special topping. They also serve limonata in bottles ($2.50).

              2. re: goldsac

                Antica is great but does not deliver.

                1. re: abigllama

                  Will try next time. I'm fond of crossing the border to visit Pizza Plant for their excellent, memorable American-style pizzas.