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Dec 9, 2007 07:10 PM

Looking for a "Latin American" place...

I'm looking for a "Latin American" place for dinner, I have Sofrito and It's a Dominican Thing so far. Have you guys been to either of them? Are there other places that I should check out?

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  1. I've not been to either - am a big fan of Zebu Grill on E. 92nd Street - Brazilian.

    1. If you're up for nuevo Latino, Calle Ocho is always fun.

      1. Sofrito is right around the corner from us so we used to go a bunch when it first opened. The food is realy good and def hits the spot if your having a latin crave- we found getting a table a bit of a pain so we have stoped going though

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        1. My family and I LOVE Sofrito. We had a great time there - delicious cocktails and flavorful, authentic food. I also enjoyed a recent meal at Pampano, and I have enjoyed Cafecito in the past. Cafecito is tiny and can be quite crowded, Pampano is less "fun", and both Cafecito and Sofrito are noisy. While our waiter was great at Sofrito, we did get some attitude from others but we didn't let it ruin our meal (obviously!). Slight service problems at Pampano, too, but the food was very tasty.

          1. You'll have fun at Sofrito if you're looking for a lively atmosphere but I really didn't enjoy the pernil (probably premade and reheated, had to force myself to eat it) and the dessert (really strong preservative taste). Portions are huge and prices are low (they make their money on drinks) but I won't go there again.
            Though not as raucous, Maya on 1st @ 64th serves much, much, better food.