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Dec 9, 2007 07:04 PM

huevos rancheros in Hampton/Portsmouth NH Area

Any places I can fulfill this craving?

Mr. BT

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  1. Not very many good Mexican restaurants in the area.

    Margaritas (on US-1 near the traffic circle off I-93 exit 5) doesn't have huevos rancheros, nor (I believe) does Ixtapa Grill in Newington (Fox Run Mall).

    Closest that I know about is La Carreta in Manchester (also Derry), which has that on its menu for lunch.

    I also heard that there was a taco place in Kittery, ME, but I've never been there, and therefore don't know what it has/doesn't have.

    1. Locos Cocos in Kittery, Maine is excellent! It is in the "food alley" area of Route One. Going north take a right at the light.

      1. It's not mexican, but I'm pretty sure you can get huevos rancheros at Friendly Toast. They have lots of cool breakfast stuff.

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          Also try Isis for brunch. They have a lot of interesting egg dishes. Not sure if they have huevos rancheros, though.

          1. re: shoes

            They have huevos rancheros at the Friendly Toast, and from what I remember, they're quite tasty. I recommend getting them on Anadama bread. Delicious.

        2. Mmm... I haven't been able to fill my huevos craving either- glad you posted!

          Haven't had Loco Coco's HR, since I'm never in Kittery in the morning, but I love their enchiladas. if I were you, I would definitely try them first- I've never had anything there I didn't thouroughly enjoy (great salsa verde!).

          1. Actually, I'm pretty sure the Blue Mermaid in Portsmouth offers a pretty nice, if original, huevos rancheros.