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Dec 9, 2007 06:53 PM

waffle truck in front of Fairway's (74th)

I didn't catch the name of the Waffle truck parked in front of Fairway on Broadway and 74th this evening. I just saw it for the first time tonight. Am wondering if anyone had something from there?

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  1. seems to wander around UWS. I tried it parked on 65th a few weeks ago. it's not bad for quick waffle, but nothing to get excited about. but it is a quick and tasty tret.

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    1. re: FattyDumplin

      I just saw it too last weekend walking down from Zabar's. I checked it out, but it seemed somewhat pricey. Did anyone else think so, or were those normal prices? I didn't get anything as I wasn't sure I wanted to pay those prices.

    2. See this post on the OB board and follow the links for more info.

      1. I recently noticed the truck in Soho on Broadway during the week and stopped for a waffle. I was told they can be found in Soho on the weekdays and UWS on weekends.

        I ordered a plain liege waffle, no toppings, and while the taste was good with nice sugar crystals, the texture was really disappointing. I spent last christmas eating my way through Belgium and tried more than my share of liege waffles, which I loved for the slightly crispy exterior and chewy texture. But this one was consistently soft and mushy throughout, like it was microwaved instead of cooked in a hot waffle iron. Maybe he didn't cook it long enough, or the iron wasn't hot enough. I have no idea. But I'm willing to give it another try because there is nothing tastier than a liege waffle on a cold winter day!

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          They are definitely not freshly made. When i ordered it, i saw him take a premade waffle and simply reheat it. While the taste was good (not that anything sprinked with powdered sugar can not taste good...) I was offended that for the price charged it wasn't freshly made. personally, I think Resto makes a great belgian waffle.

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            Ed Levine wrote about Wafels and Dinges recently ( and mentioned that it's the freshly-made waffles that are really worth having. And worth the waiting time. He said that you just have to ask (and wait) and they'll make you a fresh waffle.

              1. re: floretbroccoli

                Hello everyone - this is Thomas, the Wafel-truck-guy.
                I've seen the feedback here and we've decided to make some changes based on that. Brussels waffles will be made to order only going forward.


                Thanks and hope to see you soon.

          2. Saw the Waffle Truck near Trader Joe's in Union Square. Haven't tried them yet, so thanks for the report, lchang. I've also had waffles in Belgium so my expectations might already be too high. They told me their website has their schedule.

            1. I went there the other day and it's not good. They take pre-made waffles and heat them up. It's not like they are pouring batter and making fresh waffles out of the truck. It's new and different but nothing special.