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Dec 9, 2007 06:20 PM

Eggpuffs w/ custard in or around San Jose

I've been looking for egg puffs filled with custard around the san jose area. anyone know where i can find some? i've checked milpitas square, cupertino village, and other places but i haven't found it yet. please help!

i need my eggpuffs with custard filling!

-eggpuff lover

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  1. I recall reading that Lee's (the Vietnamese sandwich shop) carries them (possibly a delimanjoo franchise?)

    1. Do you mean the chinese egg custard tarts?

      Sheng Kee Bakery & Kee Wah Bakery at the 99 Ranch Plaza (on Barber Lane) both have it. (Sheng Kee at cupertino village too). They put it in the hot food display cases on top of the counter. (I didn't see them the first time I went to Sheng Kee too).

      The Sogo Bakery inside 99 Ranch has the portugese style custard tart. The Sheng Kee Bakery ones are have the puff pastry crust, the Kee Wah ones are more shortbread in texture.

      Hong Kong Chinese Bakery on Castro St in Mountain View also has the egg custard tarts.

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        1. re: Xiao Yang

          yea...i'm looking for something like what's shown in xiao's link. i'm not looking for dan ta. here's some pictures of what they look like.

          1. re: eggpufflover

            Ahh...I always associate those with Korean shops. Back in Toronto we call them walnut cakes...though I guess it was because they look like walnuts and had walnuts in them.

            Perhaps one of the Korean supermarkets or markets on El Camino Real in Santa Clara would have it? I think I have seen them at Mitsuwa, but they prepackaged, not fresh out of the machine.

            1. re: gnomatic

              No, I don't think the OP will find the custard filled cakes in Korean markets. They're way diff from the walnut cakes you are talking about. I've never seen custard delmanjoo style cakes at korean markets, at least not in the states.

              Speaking of the walnut cakes, I haven't had any good hodo-gwaja in the Bay Area and would love to know if there is a place that does them okay.

              Like Xiao Yang, I've only ever seen these kind of cakes at Lee's Sandwiches.

              1. re: choctastic

                There's also a delimanjoo franchise at Washington Bakery in SF Chinatown, and I saw a free-standing franchise in a mall in NY (Flushing Mall).

      1. If you ever are in SF, Genki Crepes on Clement has Egg Puffs.