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Dec 9, 2007 05:34 PM

Log Cake Mystery (B'more & burbs)

So 'tis the season, right?

I am going to a Christmas party hosted by one of my cousins. She just got her PhD AND they just found out she's expecting. So it's all very big news. When thinking of other things to get them I remembered this fantastic yule log cake I had during a party last christmas, but when I asked the person where he got it, he told me that it was a gift from a person who moved out of the country and is hard to get it touch (a traveler of some sort or something).

So, I am looking for this log cake. Things I know about it:

It's DELICIOUS. Like decadent and addicting with the perfect amount of sweetness.
It's supposedly fairly expensive (I don't know what 'expensive' means in this case, but I would assume over $50 isn't out of the question ... which for all I know could be cheap for a log cake.)
It was bought somewhere either in baltimore city or the county (probably not too far from the city). The guy that bought the log lived near harford rd and joppa rd. and worked at Johns Hopkins.
Did I mention delicious?

I figure that probably a few places make yule log cake (don't know if vaccaro's does), and I plan on calling some pastry shops that I know of off the top of my head tomorrow, but if you all have any ideas please PLEASE write them in.

My thanks.

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  1. Bonaparte's has them. Decorated like a yule log... I don't know the price. I suspect Patisserie Poupon may also have them.

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I don't know if they can decorate it for Christmas but Tio Pepe restaurant does sell their log cakes that are outstanding.....pine nut, almond, glazed walnut, chocolate cream and strawberry shortcake.

        1. It is a French Christmas Tradtition I have made one before, don't do it, it will look so much prettier if you buy it, handmade ones kind of look gross if you aren't very good at it. I would try the best french bakery in your area and call ahead. Also if you are anywhere near Bethesda they have a large french population and I am sure many places there have it.

          1. Its French name is "buche de noel". You might have better luck using that name when calling around.