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Dec 9, 2007 05:17 PM

Are you a cheap date?

Looking to compile a list of ultra cheap date spots - anywhere that for 50 dollars or less you can get a little atmosphere, enough food for two, and at least one drink each.

I will start the ball rolling with Da Andrea - totally adorable cozy date place, pastas between 11-15 bucks, and cheap, decent bottles of wine.

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  1. Cafe Habana
    Tanti Bacci Cafe

      1. Not sure whether these places have liquor licenses, but they're cute and cheap:

        Q2 Thai
        Cornelia Street Café
        Max SoHa
        Lovely Day
        Elephant & Castle
        Café Mogador
        Kenka (though this can get noisy for a date)

        1. Malatesta
          Cafe Asean