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Dec 9, 2007 05:06 PM

New Year's Eve dinner recommendations

We just moved to Boston a couple of months ago and would like to see the fireworks in Boston Harbor on New Year's Eve. Where can we go for a 10:00 pm dinner, be finished by 11:30 and watch the fireworks at 12:00 midnight? I do not even know where the best viewing is. Can you see the fireworks from most parts of downtown or do you have to be at the waterfront? Is this area mobbed with people at that time? Are there restaurants which are open that late and do not have a special NYE party? We'd like a "regular menu" restaurant, where we can go in jeans. Thanks.

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  1. Welcome to Boston.

    The fireworks are over the harbor and the crowds depend on the weather. We've never gone over to see them so I can give you details on that.

    Sel de la Terre is right on the waterfront but it is Prix Fix on New Years eve. We saw people in Jeans there on Thanksgiving.

    You could go almost anywhere in the North End and make it out to the harbor quickly.

    Here is a list of some restaurants and what they are doing on New Year's Eve from open table.

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      I know Meritage in the Boston Harbor Hotel always has some special dinner, at a price, but you don't want that (it'd be easy tho). Kingfish Hall might be good. And there aren't many north end places on the Open Table list (yet). KO Prime, Mooo, No. 9 Park are all fairly close too but they'll be pricey whether they have a special dinner or not.

    2. It gets very crowded at the waterfront and unless you get there earlier, the viewing won't be that great. The best views of the fireworks are from the piers in East Boston with second best Charlestown. Lots of interesting places to eat in Eastie that might suit your requirements but maybe not at that late a time. Keep in mind that the MBTA is free after about 8:00 for First Night and they run late after the fireworks.

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        Thanks for the information. I did not know that the "T" is free after 8:00 pm. How does a "newbie" find that out? Is it well advertised? Is it on their website? How late do the trains run?

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            GREAT link!! thanksss!!! I SO needed this!!!!

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        1. most restaurants are having a prix fixe menu

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            Know of any that aren't? All I can think of so far is Prezza, Eastern Standard and Pops.

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              Blue Room always does a la carte; as a result, if I go out for the holiday, it's invariably my top choice.

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                Lineage and Fireplace. I doubt places like Trat. Toscana, Carlo's, Pomodoro, etc. are.

            2. Every year, the mad rush happens and people have the problem of deciding where to go to eat for New Years Eve. I personally hate being gouged just because it is a holiday and restaurants insist on having a prix fixe menu with the obligatory glass of champagne without the option of using the regular menu. I for one have had a great time at Gaslight in the South End and I just called and they said that they are offering the regular menu with a few extra specials. This to me is the best way to go! I asked the nice person who answered the phone about other sister restaurants in the Aquitaine Group and they gave me the phone number at Union, which is doing something similar until 10pm, when they will offer a 3 course menu. Gaslight is great because there is free parking. If you want to go see the fireworks you can take the silver line over. It will be packed but I have done it in the past and it was fun. If you go to one of the restaurants on the water it will be a bit more formal and $$$ because of the proximity to the fireworks. The South End will be a bit less of a mob scene, and as always, jeans are welcomed.

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                any other suggestions for places that are not prixe fixe?

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                  Rendezvous Central Square but I couldn't get a reservation on open table. Perhaps if you call them directly.