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Dec 9, 2007 04:53 PM

Long Island Mexican and ......

Unlike the chowhounders from the Manhattan and outer borough's, not much is reported with regards to the many Mexican and other Latin American food serving places that I've driven past since I returned to L.I.a year ago Any speculation to why????? thanks

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  1. sounds like a good challenge. I look forward to hearing your reports! :)

    There are, occasionally, some reports of mexican places on long island. Just not a steady stream. We probably need a larger critical mass of folks trying them and being chowhound users.

    1. When we want a good Mexican meal we head to Don Ricardo's in Babylon village on Main Street. Consistently amazingly wonderful food, a cute atmosphere and good service.

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        I found Don Ricardo's to be about as Mexican as chop suey is Chinese. With Fonda Coyacoan gone, I don't know of any good *real* Mexican around.

        1. re: Scott_R

          Have you ever tried Oaxaca (or Quetzalcoatl) in Huntington? They have some non Americanized dishes on the menu. Though being an American, I tend to prefer Faz's Tex-Mex. I know its probably not "authentic" - but I love it.

          1. re: dtolman

            Been to both; Oaxaca used to be better, but the dishes became *much* more Americanized over the years. Quetzalcoatl (same owners) disappointed me from the get-go.

            There is one place which is pretty good, actually--Los Compadres (pretty sure that's the name) on Old Walt Whitman Road in Melville. Not up to the Gold Standard (Fonda Coyacoan) but definitely better than Oaxaca has become these days.

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          1. Are we talking authentic or touristy/margarita type? Most of these mentioned don't strike me as "authentic".

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              I was refering to authentic As an example two seperate party's I know went to El Rodeo in E.Moriches on M. H both found it fair/ good .My buddie thought that maybe the owner-cook was holding back.The local Mexican and central American folks were enjoyig the food and there was good music.One person thought it tasted Italian peppers ,chicken, tomato sauce etc.I may give it a shot and report .They have tongue tacos and carnitas which my friends didn't order

              1. re: scunge

                Have you been to Taqueria Mexico in Riverhead? It's really small but you can eat in, and it's the best I've found. They don't "hold back", it's like you're eating at your Mexican grandmother's house.
                Otherwise, so many delis now are South American (at least the ones on the East End), great homemade food and bakery/grocery items. They are the busiest lunch places you'll find!

                1. re: coll

                  Blue Tortilla Cafe in Selden and Senoe Taco in Miller Place are both excellent,simple places with a few table and counters, but both have
                  really good dishes and fantastic salsa bars. I recommend either one, depending where you live.

                  1. re: bradams

                    These are both between my home and office, so I will try them both.

                    Coincidentally, I was on the road on business today and met my coworker at Hampton Diner. We went in for lunch when we were done, and to my surprise there was a whole page of Mexican, Ecudorian and Columbian specials. I had Columbian huevos with arepas, one of the best egg dishes I have ever had, and he got a chicken stew made with squash and whole chicken parts (sorry forget the name). He is from Brooklyn/Queens and said that most of the diners around there have a South American section on their menus now.

                    1. re: coll

                      Thank you .... I think I'll give them a try my wife's been asking me to take her there ,also I stopped in the Compare Foods in Rocky Point.They had a great selection of Mexican,Central American,Carribean,as well as South American groceries,fresh,frozen,cured and chile's in the produce section.Unfamilar fish I have to learn how to cook some these itemsI forgot to ask if they had take out

                      1. re: scunge

                        I just remembered, I think it said Monday to Thursday only...for the trade parade I'm sure!