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Dec 9, 2007 04:49 PM

Where is a good place Birthday/Graduation party in Bmore?

I am planning ahead for my 30th Bday and my graduation for my masters. I want somewhere that is very reasonable and along the cheaper side but is good food. I am look at maybe a appetizer/cocktail party or some sort of buffet for about 30 people or so. I will be doing cash bar but would like tea, coffee, soda etc as part of the deal.

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  1. try helen's garden in canton. they have a really cute party room, & can accomodate most budgets. i have found the food to be hit or miss, but would recommend for this type of occasion.

    1. You could try Iggie's in Mt. Vernon. They'll host parties I think and just make lots of their delicious pizzas and probably their salads too. It's BYOB, so you could just tell everyone to bring their own alcohol (it's your birthday!).

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        Yes! Totally agree! I love Iggie's and it seems like it would be a really fun space for a party.

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          How is the parking there? Do they have a website. I couldn't find one.

          1. re: PandaLHU

            Not sure about the parking, but their website is


            Good luck - their pizza is awesome.

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              Parking can be a little rough. There's not a lot right next to it, but there are a few in the general area - you can probably ask if they have recommendations for parking when you call. A lot of the parking on the streets near there opens up at 6pm (ie. no parking during rush hour 4-6pm), so if you get there right at 6, there's a whole bunch of parking.