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Dec 9, 2007 04:42 PM

Chinese for Christmas?

I've searched for this topic and gotten bits and pieces of info. Now folks, let's do the definitive Chinese for Christmas thread.

Where to go?
-- The International District would be fun and festive, but what about other neighborhoods? (My favorite nearby, Snappy Dragon, is closed for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.)

When to go?
-- Some posts talk about places being really busy on Christmas. How about mid-afternoon? What are the good times and the bad times?

What to order?

Any and all suggestions, cautions, and ideas are welcome.


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  1. eating chinese food on christmas was, famously, a habit of new york's jewish population (whose love of chinese food has kept many a less-than-stellar joint in operation) since most of the other places in the city were packed with goyish families eating ham. any chinese restaurant closed on christmas is, ipso facto, not exactly old country but very americanized. of those remaining open, it is not much different than any other day of the year; as this year's holiday will be a tuesday it should be fairly quiet all day long with no 'lunch rush' at all. order what you would as the rest of the year remembering that the seafood (unless swimming in tanks) will probably have been delivered two days before

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      Actually, Chinese places (at least the ones I've been to) are packed on xmas here. Way busier than any other day, and when I've asked the waitstaff about it, they've always said that they had been slammed all day. But, I've never had to wait too long to be seated, so I wouldn't worry about it.

    2. I've gone to Bamboo Garden (all vegetarian/kosher Chinese) in Lower Queen Anne on Christmas Day a couple of times. It's been busy but not completely packed. Sorry, can't remember the time of day!