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looking for great pie

I am looking for suggestions on where to get a great fruit pie. My family loves the blueberry lemon pie at the Dutch Market in Burtonsville but it's time to try something new. Where's the best pie in the area?

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  1. Haussner's in Baltimore always had really good Strawberry Pies..

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      You're right in your verb tense regarding Haussner's...they closed many many years ago.

      Don't know if you're looking in Howard County, Baltimore Metro, and/or Washington Metro, but there was a pretty extensive thread on pies in Baltimore City earlier this fall. Good luck!

    2. Dangerously Delicious Pies on Light St. near Cross Street Market in Federal Hill in Baltimore. Easy trip from Burtonsville. Check their web site to see the long menu of pies, which are terrific. Served on last night for a dinner party--- apple, pear and cranberry.

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        Do you know what the hours are for this place? I looked at their website and they dont have their hours/days open listed anywhere.

      2. Mom's Apple Pie is a Northern VA tradition. Arguably, their single best pie is not their regular apple pie but one called butter crusted which sells for about $18 or 20 and must be special ordered. There is a store on 123 in Vienna, "Pie ?," next to a very good Italian deli that has excellent cream pies. Reeve's, in D. C., had outstanding strawberry pies but I believe they finally closed. The Bethesda Farmwomens market had a baker with excellent pies, also, but it's been a couple of years since I was there.

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          The name of the pie store in Vienna is Pie Gourmet. It's cream pies are very good. On the rare occasion when they have butterscotch cream pies, get one. Lemon chess is very good. But their best ones are their fruit pies, made with very fresh fruits, often without added sugar. They'll ship some of them and and particularly welcomed by college kids.

        2. The Best Pie Company in Bowie has been getting some rave reviews. Washingtonpost did a big piece on them a few months back.


          1. I know that Fenwick's in Parkville custard (and it's variations of it) pie have always gotten good reviews where I work. I'm partial to their pecan pie (although it looks kinda odd, it tastes yummy).


            1. The Barbara Fritchie Candystick Restaurant in Frederick. I love their French apple pie!

              1. This is probably very out of your way, but the owner of Java Hut in Dupont (17th and Q St) bakes all his own pies every day. My friend is a big fan of them and they look very "homemade."

                1. I finally got around to having the pie from the Great American Pie Co. in Bowie. Oh my! it was pretty pricey- $25 for a whole pie. We had the strawberry/rhubarb and I have to say it was delicious. The crust was thin, crispy, with just the right amount of sweetness. I will savor every bit until I decide it's time to splurge again!

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                    I think you may mean the Best Pie Company in Bowie. Yes, the crust is wonderful!

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                      Best Pie is worth the drive and effort. Yes the crust is light, flaky (not greasy) and good. THey don't use canned fruits, the owners are there early in the AM cutting up fruit. So they only use whats seasonal. I really love the place. I wish they would also sell by the slice. Last summer I fell in love with the blueberry/peach pie. Yummy!