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Dec 9, 2007 04:22 PM


been meaning to write this for a few weeks, but haven't remembered. But I want to give a great review here on Niche in Geneva. Many of you remember the former 302 West and most of the old staff came over for this place.

In my opinion, it has the same four star quality of 302 West with a lower price. Great contemporary American menu that changes every nice. I had some scallops prepared perfectly and wiey had some bison that was perfect at well. some incredibly prepared veggies and potatoes ai gratin were sides. Service was impeccable as well. If this restaurant was downtown, it would be on everyone's top 10 list.

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  1. The entrees at Niche are in fact more expensive than those of the former 302 West, and they exhibit the inconsistency issues of the former 302 West as well. I'm happy you caught Niche on a good night, because when the kitchen is ON, it delivers some of the most compelling food in the Chicago area. I only wish it was ON all the time.

    1. I went to the website for Niche and looked at the menu but there are no prices on the menu. We are going to Geneva in June and would like some idea of the cost as we are treating our family to dinner there. Also, what is your opinion of the price of wines for quality at Niche?