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Dec 9, 2007 03:34 PM

Fabulous food, wine and vibe....

Here's the request...We are spending New Year's Eve in Seattle from L.A. We are foodies, but still young enough to require excitement and energy. Some friends have suggested Dahlia's, but from earlier posts suggestions, should we go somewhere else?

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  1. much opprobium will be heaped on my head for my so stating (so what else is new...) but choosing your new year's venue from any place not ROUTINELY open past midnight will be either running into tired and cranky staff or facing a new menu without sufficient practice. if one insists on being out in public on this night of amateur drunkeness (how much wiser to stay until daylight where you are at 11pm - even if you have been wise enough to designate a sober driver, the fellows in the other cars may not have been), midnight should be marked by the standard cheap champagne and nibbles rather a large and unaccustomed meal. the best idea would be to choose a place within a block or two of your hotel

    1. If you can still get reservations, I'd highly recommend the New Year's Eve at the Palace Ballroom, the special events space owned by Tom Douglas (also of Dahlia). I went last year and enjoyed a fab five or six course meal, wine flights, dancing with a live swing band and great vibe. Tom himself came around offering everyone seconds on caviar. Lots of fun.

      1. Just thought I would second the request for New Year's Eve suggestions. Have two visitors from NYC coming into town and I am still new enough to Seattle that I'm not really sure what a good bet would be. Also food-lovers, also on the younger side but don't need anything too raucous - they get enough crowds, etc. at home. Palace Ballroom looks really nice per the earlier suggestion; I think it might be just a bit out of price range - I think we would be looking for around $100/person. Doesn't have to be super fancy, just a solid place with good food and some kind of festive feeling to it. Thanks in advance if anyone has any good ideas!