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Dec 9, 2007 03:09 PM

Dinner near Phipps Conserservatory in Pittsburgh

Hey there. Visiting with hubby from NYC and wanna check out Phipps tomorrow. Since they are now open til 10pm, I was thinking it may be fun to go at night and eat after. We have a car with us so can drive if need be, but is there anything good nearby? We are total foodies but that doesn't mean we need to go somewhere fancy--just delicious. Open to all cuisines. We're staying at Westin Convention Ctr so can also go back to that area.

Do you agree it's worth seeing Phipps Conservatory while we're here?

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  1. Oakland, the Phipps neighborhood, isn't foodie central. There are lots of okay restaurants, but nothing special.

    Shadyside is a better neighborhood choice, though it wears its "I want to be fabulous" on its sleeve at times. I'm not sure much is open after 10, though.

    Google "restaurants" with "15232"

    There are some places downtown, too, but again, the post-10 PM thing, it just ain't Pittsburgh.

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      thanks. i doubt we'd want to eat past 8:30 but i think my original post may have implied a 10pm dinner. i am thinking 8 or 8:30. will google 15232 and see what comes up.

      1. re: fat parish

        Absolutely visit Phipps, I hope the reason you're going is to see the Chihuly exhibit there. If you're not familiar with it they've extended his showing and you'll need to make a reservation for tickets in advance. I'd recommend you go to Girasole in Shadyside which is about a 10 min. drive from Phipps. Many Pittsburgh chowhounds recommend Girasole and we've only had good experiences there.

        1. re: Rick

          Geeze, just checked and Girasole is closed on Mondays. A Pittsburgh favorite is FatHead's on the South Side with great sandwiches and a really good beer selection, There is a Primanti's in Oakland, the Original in Oakland for great fries and hot dogs (definitely a dive). Tamarind Indian also in Oakland is good. I'd also recommend Point Brugge and they have a really nice Belgian Beer selection and the food is great but they're closed on Monday too! If all else fails their is a cafe in Phipp's and the food is good.

          Check, nearly all of their restaurants are within 15 min. of Phipp's and they're all very good. Kaya has a very nice happy from 5-7 with half off drinks too. They also happen to run the cafe in Phipp's.

          Hopefully you're in town for more than one day.

    2. Phipps is a great place to visit. The Chihuahua, er, Chihuly exhibit is better at night. For an 8pm or so dinner that's close to Phipps, reasonable options are Ali Baba's on Craig, Tamarind on Craig, Primanti's on Forbes, Fuel & Fuddle on Oakland, Spice Island Tea House on Atwood, and Mad Mex on Atwood. These are all informal places (you're in the college area), but the food's very decent.

      Closer to the Westin, your choices include Palate, Tonic, Nine on Nine, Six Penn, Sonoma, Kaya, Eleven, Bossa Nova, Trilogy... All pricier and fancier. One could write a long essay on each of these spots, but a little googling will go a long way.

      1. Dish Osteria on the South Side. Open until 2am, kitchen open until midnight. Italian, w/ an emphasis on Sicilian.