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Dec 9, 2007 03:08 PM

Mehek's Indian buffet in Fell's Point

My Fiance and I went to the lunch buffet at Mehek in Fell's Point today and enjoyed it quite a bit. I had heard about them from this forum and followed your recommendations. The buffet only cost $8.99 per person and one thing we appreciated is that none of the dishes were fire hot. They also had nice desserts, although I thought it was strange that they put the desserts at the beginning of the buffet line up instead of the end. The decor is very nice and somewhat upscale and the part of Fell's Point where the restaurant is looks nice this time of year. Someone posted a comparison to The Kitchen of India on Joppa Road in Towson and stated that they thought the food was better at Mehek, but we have to disagree with that - as good as the food was at Mehek, it was not better then Kitchen of India. It was different and the desserts may have been better, but all in all The Kitchen of India is still our current "go to" place for Indian buffet (it also helps that we live nearby to Kitchen of India). Mehek definitely wins over The Kitchen of India in decor. The price of the buffet is comparable - I think Kitchen of India is $1. more per person. I recommend either place if you like Indian buffets that don't take too many chances with hot spices. Another place that I hold in high regard for their Indian buffet is the Ambassador Dining Room, but of course you will spend more money there. The Ambassador Dining Room is a good place for outdoor seating in good weather or to impress a date since the decor/atmosphere is outstanding.

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  1. Actually... if anyone would like to recomend some other places that have good
    Indian buffets in the area that do not take chances with overly hot dishes I would like to try them since I am forever a chow hound : )

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      I've only been to one Indian lunch buffet in Baltimore at Mem Sahib in/adjacent to Lexington Market, but I think it's pretty delicious. Nothing is super hot for sure. I think it's $7.99. The naan is great.

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        My mind is slightly boggled at "not hot" being listed as a feature. Then again, I'm not a fan of buffets, preferring quality to quantity.

        1. re: Hal Laurent

          Hal Laurent: "My mind is slightly boggled at "not hot" being listed as a feature. Then again, I'm not a fan of buffets, preferring quality to quantity."

          My response: I do not mind hot foods, but unfortunately my two closest dining companions have health issues which require them to avoid hot spiced foods. I am not the biggest buffet fan either, but I don't have enough familiarity with Indian food to know what to order.

          1. re: Whitemarshjohn

            > I don't have enough familiarity with Indian food to know what to order.

            I hear you there. I don't consider myself an expert on Indian food, but over the years I've managed to learn enough to get by a bit. Getting some Indian cookbooks and experimenting with cooking Indian food has helped, although it can be an adventure trying to cook a cuisine without totally knowing what kind of taste you're shooting for.

      2. My husband and I love Akbar on North Charles (opposite The Helmand). While I'm not a fan of buffets in general, for some reason I prefer my Indian fare buffet-style. I think I prefer to get a nice big mix of Indian on one plate and those lunch buffets satisfy that need, for sure.

        The service at Akbar is wonderful and I think the food is some of the best in town. THe earlier you get there, the fresher the food is obviously. They open at 11.30AM.

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        1. re: ktracy

          Akbar's buffet rocks. 'Nuff said. I agree that the service their is fabulous, buffet or not.

          The buffet at the Indian place in Little Italy (whose name escapes me at the moment) used to be good, but the quality has gone down. I believe Akbar's to be better.

          Mughal Garden (did I get the name right?) about 4 blocks north of Akbar on Charles also has a lunch buffet, and they do a Sunday brunch buffet as well. I've not had their buffet, but heard very positive things about it. Had a veggie friend that thought it better than Akbar's.

        2. I quite enjoyed my meals @ Mehek and bc it's close to me, i've frequented there more often than perhaps I would otherwise. My preferred go to is currently: Cafe Spice in Towson, 321 York Rd opposite the library, it's below street level in the space that i think used to house an Asian restaurant (The Orient?). The lunch buffet is $8 during the week and $12 on the weekends and the spread changes daily so it's not always the same. The food is very flavourful and i don't recall it being overly hot and spicy, rather lots of spices to create flavour. Quite a popular place at lunchtime w/ the business crowd as you can get in and out quickly.

          For languishing with friends and probably where i take most out of towners simply bc the dining room is beautiful and the setting opulent is the buffet at Ambassador Indian Dining Room on Canterbury Road (behind Johns Hopkins University Campus and One World Cafe)
          Tucked away in the apartment building the dining room evokes british india style (think wicker and cane chairs, lush fabrics, white table cloths, fireplace, lovely outdoor herb garden, tuxedo clad waiters). The buffet is pricier here than others elsewhere but still can't be beat. I think it's $12 during the week and $15 on weekends and the weekends include a mimosa bar that you can mix yourself - a great deal w/ quality fresh OJ and champagne. It's a really great find. The food is good, definitely not spicy but my complaint would be that I don't feel like they change the selection much, if at all. So if you've never been, it's great but if you go often the spread remains the same (unlike Cafe Spice which changes daily).

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            Ambassador has a very beautiful dining room, but the food is amazingly bland. It was not hot and also lacked the normal flavors I expect in any Indian restaurant. We did not go to the buffet so the menu prices were quite high, the portions small, and the food mediocre. If you don't like Indian food this is definitely the Indian restaurant to frequent.

            1. re: carl555

              I don't know the name of it (I believe it's Al Saheen), but the Indian buffett in security square mall is awesome. It used to be in this hole in the wall place a little ways away from there. It's more expensive on Fridays, but during the week, for lunch, it's around 7 bucks.

            2. re: aussiewonder

              The Ambassador Dining Room seems to have raised their buffet price. I called recently and inquired about the weekend brunch price and was told it is now $18 per person. The price is high but the food is never bad and the atmosphere is almost unequaled.