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Dec 9, 2007 02:53 PM

15-20 Unique/Fun Experience

Hi! My Son (21) & Daughter-In-Law (24) will be married on the eastcoast and coming home in Mid Feb 08...We are looking for a fun dining experience-brunch, buffet style or dinner in Seattle/Tacoma area to celebrate with a few friends and family (15-20). We thought of a dinner cruise but that time of year weather is unpredictable...the other places we are considering are the Space Needle and Dinner Train, however the dinner train has closed. There will be 3 children, also nobody drinks so bar access isnt important. We are looking to keep under $1000. Another idea might be to rent a small intimate space and have it catered? THANK YOU! P.S., There has to be items available besides seafood, his wife is extremely picky! :(

Also an experience doing something fun with food as part of the activity could also be an option...

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  1. hi,
    I know a great chef that could possibly cater your event - philippe thomelin from olive tree catering

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      Thank you for a reply! I will keep that on the list. I am really hoping for an exciting and unique dining experience, for the guests. Although the Space Needle or a local cruise is common to us here, maybe there are other dinner events out there that are similar and not so common to guests. We will see!

    2. Pasta Freska near Lake Union is fun. No menus, you just tell the chef/owner your likes and dislikes. You'll have tastes of a number of different entrees. It's laid back and fun. Also, the can accommodate dietary restrictions. We've gone with a vegetarian and another who didn't eat (insert long list of ingredients here) and they've enjoyed it. The restaurant isn't the nicest as far as ambiance goes, but I've yet to have a meal I didn't enjoy there. Should fit easily into your price range.

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        Thank you ethereal, sounds like a yummy idea!

      2. I've gone with a group of around 15 to Markkesh for Morrocan food. It was pretty fun - you get to sit on the floor and eat with your hands while belly dancers preform, and it could be done well within your budget.

        1. Teatro Zinzanni? Dinner theater w/ a show that is kinda like moulin rouge meets cirque du soleil...Might be a bit overpriced, but I believe they have group packages...

          Here's a link to their website:

          1. why not doing a cooking class and then eat the fruits of your labor. plus you'll maybe learn something new. check out culinary communion in west seattle. not sure if he can fit all of you but worth checking out.