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Dec 9, 2007 02:42 PM

Need caviar help in Scottsdale, AZ

Hello--My husband would really like to try caviar so I've decided to get it for him for his b-day, only problem is it means nothing to me. I would love to get beluga if I could but from what I've read it's illegal for interstate trading since it's so endagered so I can't. I heard that osetra was the second best but there is so many different varieties and colors I don't know where to start. Any help would be greatly appreciated and since it's a gift, there is no $$ limit. Thank you so much!!

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  1. Costco in N. Scottsdale usually has the Osetra Caviar this time of year in the section w/ the smoked Salmon and the Lump Crab meat. A.J.'s for sure will have a caviar selection. I am not sure about Whole Foods.
    If you are looking for really inexpensive red and black caviar...head to Ikea, I buy it this time of year and make a mold of chopped egg, chopped onion and caviar......

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      Instead of Ikea try Smart and Final. I make a caviar and egg "pie" and buy the black lump caviar there and it's fantastic and priced right.

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        Never looked at Costco because I'm not a member but I will give them a try. I have been to AJ's but that was a year ago when I was looking for beluga only and they couldn't get it. Would never think of looking at Ikea for caviar and I have never been to Smart and Final. You guys have given me lots of options to try and I will be on the phone tomorrow trying to figure all this out. I wouldn't mind ordering it from a reputable online place but when I look at different websites I don't know what the difference is between the different types of osetra so it doesn't really help anyways. Thanks so much for the ideas you've given!

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          I don't know much about caviar myself but if you're thinking about ordering on the internet...I have done business with these folks when I was selling packaging a while back. I enjoyed dealing with them and would definitely feel comfortable buying from them as a customer. Have no idea how their caviar prices out though as again it's not something I know a lot about.

    2. I was reading about Chef's Warehouse on another Chow post here (I think it was about flour) and I noticed on their website that they have caviar. I never actually called to see if the local site has caviar (their HQ and mailorder hub is in NY), but it might be worth a try. Their contact info is:

      351 S Black Canyon Hwy
      Phoenix, AZ 85009
      (623) 934-5834

      1. So I've been doing a little research with different websites and I think I've narrowed it down to these 4: or I'm still going to look at AJ's and Costco and see who has the best deals of what I want, which is the Osetra, black color.

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          Add BEV-MO to your list, I noticed it there last week. If it's priced like some of their wines, you may have a pleasant surprise.

        2. I ran across a Russian Deli / Grocery behind the Streets Of New York on 19th ave & Northern (Southwest corner, sort of) that prominently advetised their caviar, so you might want to try there. If you're willing to go West of 24th St..