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Dec 9, 2007 01:50 PM

Is there a bakery in Los Angeles with Borekas?

I am looking for a place to buy Israeli style borekas. Is there anywhere in the Los Angeles area?


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  1. How different are these from the Armenian boreks? They have wonderful cheese boreks at Sasoun Bakery on Santa Monica. I'm sure other people can point you to specifically Israeli bakeries along Pico or in the Valley.

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      . . . and both spinach and cheese borek at many Armerian markets/bakeries closer to Glendale. The in-store bakery at Superking announces when they're offering them hot out of the oven as a special.

    2. If they're anything like Georgian borekas (bureks?), then you can get good ones at Magic Bakery in North Hollywood.

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        Actually, I've confused myself. In North Hollywood, there is Dream Bakery, which is Georgian. And on Pico in the Fairfax district, there is a restaurant called Magic Carpet that serves Yemenite food and I believe they've got a version of this.

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          Bourekas are not Yemenite and I would be somewhat surprised if they had them at Magic Carpet.

      2. You can try the borekas at Unique Bakery in Tarzana on Ventura Blvd. just east of Reseda.

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          Continental Bakery on Burbank/Whitsett in Valley Village has both potato and spinach.

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