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Dec 9, 2007 01:01 PM

Pistachio Torrone from Dec. Gourmet?

Has anyone tried the pistachio torrone recipe from Dec. Gourmet magazine?

It looks really good, but I'm worried that the recipe may not be well-tested or detailed enough. I've never made torrone or much in the way of homemade candies, so I need a good recipe and you hounds for guidance. The couple of recipe reviews don't boost my confidence in the Gourmet recipe.

Any tips for making torrone? Anyone have a tried-and-true recipe they can share? Any other sweets from the Dec. Gourmet issue that you'd highly recommend? Thanks for your help!

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  1. Ooooh! I love love love torrone(the soft kind). We picked some up at the Italian deli the other day and I was saying I'd love to try making some someday. I"ve never tried . Will be curious to read the replies on this.

    Any idea where to buy the edible paper?

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    1. re: ziggylu

      The mag. says that edible wafer paper is aka edible rice paper. It is made from potato or wheat starch and sometimes ground rice. It's available at baking supply stores,, and I just did a google search and found other sources too.

    2. I made a torrone much like this one last year -- it was amazing. My only suggestion would be to find the edible paper, because the stuff is sticky. The only place I've seen it (listed as wafer paper) is on a candy making supply website, one of the two listed in the Gourmet source section.

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      1. re: Elizzie

        Thanks for your reply. What recipe did you use?

        1. re: Carb Lover

          I'll have to look for the recipe, but I do remember that it had dried cranberries and pistachios in it.

          1. re: Elizzie

            Thanks, is it possibly this recipe that also includes coconut?

            1. re: Carb Lover

              That's the one! And SonoFoodie turned me on to a website that has the edible rice paper:!