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Dec 9, 2007 12:54 PM

BYOBs in Center City

I am looking for some good BYOBs near the Kimmel Center. I have tickets to the Speaker Series on Monday nights, so it can be a bit of a challenge.

I've tried (and loved) La Viola, but need some other choices.


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  1. We just had an excellent dinner at Mercato, on Spruce between 12th and 13th. They take early reservations - I think up to 6:30. Cash only. Noisy, very popular.

    If you don't mind walking to 17th St., you can't do better than Branzino, on 17th just north of Spruce. Check if it's open Mondays. Our favorite byob in that area.

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    1. re: sylviag

      Second Branzino.

      Lolita's also a good choice on 13th.

      Effie's at 12th/Pine is also a good Greek BYOB.

      1. re: sylviag

        Second Mercato. Very good food.

      2. Matyson was awesome. I did a post a few weeks ago on them and Caffe Casta Diva.

        I also found the following website/blog: that lists seemingly every byob in the city, with some of the author's own thoughts.


        1. Thanks for the suggestions! Just a note...Effies is not open on Monday.
          Can't wait to try them all!!!