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Dec 9, 2007 12:43 PM

Lunch in Dallas

I have a friend coming from out of town who's never been to Dallas before. I want to take her to lunch somewhere mid-priced that will convince her that Dallas is just as hip and happening as anyplace on the East Coast, where she lives. I'm looking for someplace in an interesting neighborhood that's got a nice ambiance and good food. She doesn't like Mexican. Someplace with a Southern influence would be great, or anything else. I'm new to Dallas too, so I'd appreciate any recommendations. Thanks!

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  1. Before you even mentioned the Southern influence, I had Hattie's on the top of my list. I think it would satisfy in all the aspects that you are searching for. The food is excellent and reasonably priced.

    Here is their website so you can review the menu:

    1. For hip good food in a more interesting location consider:

      Pyles near downtown

      Craft near victory plaza

      Fearings in uptown

      Dragon fly in uptown

      Alo near Knox Henderson (may be too "Mexican"


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        While the above suggestions all have very good food, they are not midpriced.

        I'd throw Tillman's Roadhouse in Oak Cliff into the ring. It's got a great vibe and a Texas twang to it.

      2. South Dallas Cafe....about as southern as it gets. If I could post a menu I would. It is not real great on the neighborhood or ambience, but the food makes up for all of that. If looking for neighborhood and ambience I would second the recommendations for Hatties or Tillman's Roadhouse (they are practically next door to each other in the Bishop Arts District, one of the newest areas undergoing a revitalization)

        1. Seriously if you're in Texas you need to go and have BBQ. Texas is known for it, they make great brisket and sausage and ribs and nobody coming from the east coast (myself included) has ever been disappointed with a trip to Sonny Bryan's. I know many of you don't think that their BBQ is good, but coming from both Philly and NYC I love it, my whole family loves it and all my friends that have visited have loved it too. It is far from mid-price (pretty cheap actually), the atmosphere is that you sit at school desks and eat from plastic trays, but the food is delicious. Try one of the others for dinner. Get down and dirty for lunch and say yes to BBQ and onion rings. But you have to go to the one on Inwood across from UT Southwestern Medical Center.