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Dec 9, 2007 12:27 PM

Is it weird to drink Champagne by oneself?

Perhaps this issue is more psychological than oenological, but here goes...

I live alone and do a great deal of cooking for one. I greatly enjoy shopping for wine and seeking out the perfect pairing for each dish I prepare. I make dinner, have 2 or 3 glasses of carefully selected wine, Vac-u-Vin the rest to enjoy over the next couple days with leftovers and call it a night. I make no apologies for this behavior.

Here's where it gets tricky. Certain dishes (especially seafood!) cry loudly for Champagne, which we all know is one of the most versatile and easy-pairing wines on earth. Yet I cannot bring myself to uncorking a bottle if I don't have guests over; I would feel comically weird, like a lonely, pathetic alcoholic. Still wine does not make feel this way.

I think my problem stems at least partially from the peculiar manner in which Americans enjoy (and fetishize?) Champagne--as a toasting and special-occasion drink only. Have others experienced--and perhaps overcome--this aversion?

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  1. I'll drink champagne on my own when the mood strikes me, celebrate whenever possible, I don't feel that I am "a lonely pathetic alcoholic" -- though those are powerful words, I must say. America has become rather prudish about alcohol over the past 40 years I think, of course as I sort of admire Churchill's drinking style (though I can't even closely equal it) my opinion could be very far from the mainstream.

    1. I think it's a lovely idea. If Champagne is what your taste buds need to make the meal complete -- by all means!....

      As an overall attitude adjustment, there are many things I do on a more frequent basis rather than waiting for that special occasion (opening that box of candy, using the good towels, eating off of the dishes reserved for company, etc.) Drinking Champagne is something I do more frequently -- and it still feels special.

      Cheers to you!

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        Along those lines, John & Dottie (WSJ Weekend writers) espouse opening those "special wines," on one day per year. Not a bad idea, as I have literally hundreds of "special wines," and always get more, regardless of how often I tap into them. I *will* include Champagne! Now to convince my wife, that I have been a good husband...


        1. re: Bill Hunt

          Bill, I've considered this question. You must buy "special" wines but these are for ordinary drinking, yes? At a bottle a day, buying 7 cases would outfit daily drinking for several months (around 3 months). Is this how you think about your buying/drinking?

          1. re: steinpilz

            No, I am not that ordered. I buy wines, that I have found that I enjoy, and usually buy 6-12 bottles of these. Since I have found that I enjoy more wines (in quantity), than I can consume, I end up with extras. I still hope to be able to consume all but one bottle, in my lifetime, and then let my wife and my roudy friends have one bottle, to toast my demise. Right now, I'm behind the curve, though am drinking as quickly as I can. Were it not for a wealth of great wines, I'd have caught up, but I have not.

            My age, however, is the one reason that I do not read the latest reports on Bdx., Oporto, etc. I have too many to consume, when they reach maturity, to worry about picking up young bottles, as I have no one to leave the wine to. Still, I'm behind. By my rough calculations, I have about 4K bottles to go though, and that is after my Turley & Biale allotment came. Just got my Insignia allotment, and hope to live long enough to enjoy that. But then, there are the Amarones, the Barolos, the Cal-Cabs, etc., etc.

            Yeah, I need to set a schedule for consumption.


            1. re: Bill Hunt

              Bill, I am here for you. I will help you knock that 4K down to several dozen by Easter. Just say when.

              1. re: AlabasterDisaster

                I'd be happy to help out also, at 365 bottles/year it would take more than ten years to go throught them all! Of course a big and good party or dinner could put some dents in those 4K.

              2. re: Bill Hunt

      've got a lot of new friends!

                1. re: perk

                  Yes, it does seem so, and they seem qualified to help me drink down that cellar too!

                  Fortunately, it's cool here, 'cause I just got five cases, that have to be stored in the garage, as the cellar is just filled to overflowing right now. I plan on gifting many of these, so I'll pare down the stack, prior to the Holidays and then just load the remainders.

                  Hunt, drinking it as quickly as he can... [Grin]

                  1. re: Bill Hunt

                    I will be happy to liberate and celebrate several bottles for you...mmmm, bubbles!

        2. drinking champagne is intrinsically good.

          1. You are NOT alone when there are many, like myself, who will be enjoying some bubbles tonight-solo.
            I sometimes don't want to commit to a whole bottle of Champagne, so, like tonight, I will be opening a great bottle of Spanish CAVA (Naveran Brut Reserva Blanc de Blancs) because it's only $13.50 and only 11.5% alcohol and will go very well with my's very refreshing and wont make me too loopy while I get the house all prettied up for the holidays.
            Think of it this way, there are many people who will sit at a bar, alone, and have 2 cocktails (in LA, this adds up to about $24) and nothing to eat and go home alone and have a beer to top it off.
            A person who is likely to open a bottle of wine or champagne is more likely to enjoy the ritual and sensuality of their meal and drink and relax and enjoy...sooooo, ENJOY!

            1. Yago, just think of champagne as wine with bubbles. I'll uncork a bottle just for the hell of it if I'm having a good day, bad day....a day :). Champagne, schmampange. Drink what you like with what you like. After all, YOLO!