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Jun 17, 2006 12:48 PM

Great Salad Bars in SF

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What are some great salad bar type places in SF. Like a Whole Foods salad bar where there are many options. I've never been to the WF in the city, but how are they. The ones in some of the suburbs are massive and delicious but I've seen other ones that have been pretty weak.

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  1. I only know of salad bars open during the week as the locations are in the downtown area. Lightening Foods in Embarcadero #3 and Mission & 98 Mission, Miss T's on Montgomery near Jackson, and Wildflower Cafe on Sansome near Sacramento

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      Lightening foods is good and cheap. However, it gets pretty packed during lunch.

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      Robert Lauriston

      DeLessio. The Web site doesn't have any info about it that I can find but the selection is enormous.


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        Yes..DeLessio's hands down!!! Incredible meats, stews, veggies .....amazing really...and croissants, cupcakes..chocolate cake etc.....
        I just heard a rumor they will be opening a second space in the new Faletti's Market being built between Oak and Fell near Divisadero....any confirmation?

      2. Mixt Greens on Sansome between Pine & Sutter, while not really a "help yourself" bar, does have many good quality ingredients to make a "design it yourself" salad:

        1. There is a hole in the wall place that does smoothies and salad bar on Sutter near Montgomery. I can't remember the name. They have all kinds of stuff in the salad bar, including fried chicken, California rolls and tempura. It's been a while since I've been there, but as far as I know it's still there and still the same.

          1. Try Julie's Kitchen, on Montgomery near Pine--they have a fantastic selection in their salad bar and the steam tables. I love the poached salmon--usually slightly underdone towards the center, just the way I like it. They also have sushi, shrimp and avocado salad, chicken salad, pea shoots, etc. It is easy to go overboard and make yourself a very expensive salad, though.

            I also like Wildfowmer, on Sansome and Sacramento. More reasonably priced than Julie's, and more of a hole in the wall, but they have great salad choices. Lee's Deli, all over the Financial District, can be good--I like the one on New Montgomery near Mission, but I just stick to lettuce and the Chinese chicken salad. You will also find a few Napa Ranch salad bars, but I think their selection is too bland--mostly beans and such straight out of the can, and romaine lettuce or spinach.