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Dec 9, 2007 11:48 AM

New (at least to you) convenience products or packaging

Browsing the shelves of my local Asian market, I found something I've never seen before: sweetened condensed milk in a plastic, flip-top bottle. Wow! Sweetened condensed milk that I can actually keep in the fridge and use a little at a time. Genius! Even though it's packed for the Asian market (Vietnamese brand, with the label in Vietnamese, Chinese, English and Spanish) it's made locally, too, not imported from someplace with dubious quality control.

Has anyone else run into some great new innovations in products of packaging recently?

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  1. Probably only new to me, but Crisco (transfat free!) in sticks. So you can cut off 1/4 cup and save yourself the mess of digging it out of the tub, packing it into a measuring cup, then cleaning it up.