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Dec 9, 2007 11:14 AM

looking for restaurant in katonah- mt kisco-bedford area

we're coming back to westchester for the holidays from Los husband is from bedford and i'm from larchmont and then katonah originally but neither of us have spent much time there since high school and i'm sure much has changed. most of the evenings are filled with family dinners but we have one night to ourselves and thought maybe we can go out to dinner that one free night. we are looking for something casual, in fact, the first thing that comes to mind is pizza and italian. we don't want to spend more than $30-35 per person including drinks. also no mexican food b/c we get plenty of that here. the things we miss are pizza, italian, diner food, and NY chinese food (trust me it's different here!). any sugggestions? thanks so much!

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  1. Eduardo's (Italian) in Mount Kisco is an old standby- it's reliable, if not so exciting, but you'll probably spend more than 35$ per person there. The Blue Dolphin Diner in Katonah is great - really homey, good comfort food. Sadly, there's no good Chinese in Mount Kisco. If you wanted to go further afield, go to the Blazer in Goldens' Bridge (prob. 8-10 minutes from Katonah center). It's like a roadhouse, sort of, but with awesome burgers and it's very relaxed and friendly.

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      Not quite Chinese but if you like Asian fusion, Tengda in Katonah is excellent. They have sushi as well. You can probably eat for $35 there.

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        Second the Blue Dolphin for good NY red sauce Italian food--but if you don't get there around opening time, be prepared for a long wait.

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          Blue Dolphin is a diner in the morning and italian for dinner. You can meet both your cravings there in one day.

        2. The Blazer Pub is great for a burger, but I'm not sure they'll have reopened by then, does anyone have specific info on their fire repairs?

          Up in Somers I like Il Forno for good Italian food and good pizzas (and a killer cannoli). It's at the intersection of Rt 100 and Rt 202. Under $30-$35 a person will definitely work there.

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            Blazer's has not reopened. I understand it will be about another month.

          2. The Tuscan Oven Trattoria in Mount Kisco is's their website....

            1. Temptation Teahouse in Mt Kisco is very good asian fusion

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                Temptation has good bubble tea but I think that the food at Tengda is much better.

              2. I moved away from Katonah in 1999, but I'll mention some places. For pizza, I was a big fan of John's Best, on Rt 117 in Bedford Hills. For Italian, the Blue Dolphin Diner, on Katonah Ave, was pretty good (yes, it's an Italian restaurant, not a diner). Diner's in that area are the Bedford Diner, on Rt 117 in Bedford Hills, and the Mt Kisco Diner, also on Rt 117. I preferred the Bedford Diner.

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                  I live in Mt Kisco now and a lot has changed. John's Best is now Brio (high end, mediocre mediteranian food, owned by the Son of John's). The Blue Dolphin is diner by day and Italian food by night. The Bedford Diner is a depressive hole and Mt. Kisco diner had a nice face lift (and I think better food).

                  John's had pretty good pizza. They moved to Westport. I haven't found any great pizza around here. Have to go to Stamford for that.