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Dec 9, 2007 11:05 AM

Where to get the best Cuban Sandwich?

Haven't had a good one in a while. La Caretta just doesn't cut it. Appreciate your opinions.

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  1. Sandy's Cafe in Key West.

    1. You should post in your title Where in the state you are looking or does the question encompass the whole state!!

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        For a great meal i'll travel the whole state, after gas goes back under 3/gallon I mean l:). I understand what you are saying but in this case did want whole state. Interested in building a "book" for when I'm on the road. I've recently been in Orlando and G-ville alot more than I ever expected and found myself lost in terms of where to go etc. Ty, if you should have any info I would greatly appreciate.

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          I guess so far the closer you are to Cuba the better the sandwich LOL.

        2. I haven't been impressed by any Cuban sandwich really... and while I haven't had many (I've been having more pan con bistec instead), my favorite one so far is the one at Latin American Cafe. There's only a few left (I can only think of two locations) - but I tried it near FIU's University Park campus where I was a student.Coral Way & SW 107th Avenue.

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            I used to love the original latin amer cafe on coral way and about 27th ave but they closed a while back. Not sure if the remaining ones are part of original owner or not. By the way, a great pan con bistec can be had at any sergio's (but you probably already know this)(I prefer the one on bird and 90 something).

          2. Fernandez de Bull, Airport Road South in Naples, FL; the pork is marinated and slow-roasted and then shredded for the sandwich...he makes his own vinegary hot sauce that goes in a little cup on the side, enough to make you cry.

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            1. re: Val

              Sounds devine, may have to cross the alley for this one!