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Dec 9, 2007 10:46 AM

Dr. Insomnia's Coffee & Teas, Novato report w/ pics

Driving back home from Healdsburg on 101 was hell because of the afternoon blahs..heavy food & some wine = sleepy driver.

I got all the way to Novato and got off the fwy. I don't know much about downtown Novato but we parked and just walked around and found Dr. Insomnia's Coffee & Teas. Just what we needed.

We got:
Regular small coffee latte
& small Almond Latte

Total was $5.95! It was tasty enough and kept me awake enough to drive home which is all I cared about.

They have scones & other pastries..some they bake in house, others not..what's a scuffin?..they have it. A backroom w/ a mural I wanted to see but didn't. Some tables & stools available. A nice tiny nook a lady was sitting in was neat, looked comfy.

M-F 5a-5p
Sat 6:30a-4p
Sun 6:30a-12:30p

My pics:

Dr Insomnia's Coffee Tea Cafe
800 Grant Ave, Novato, CA 94945

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  1. Gosh-a-mighty man, I've had coffee there and I gotta say, I just about levitated.

    Maybe not the Blue Bottle - whatta rush....

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    1. re: Waterboy

      My hubby drank the regular small coffee latte and still was able to fall asleep in the car while I was driving.

    2. Scuffin is their "invention": part scone, part muffin.