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Dec 9, 2007 10:32 AM

Dining for two girls in paris...

Will be heading to paris soon for a few days and have a few questions for dining.
We were looking for something cozy and local. Similar to bistros/restaurants like in NY Greenwich or like those little restaurants in little Italy (but french food)
Was wondering which part of Paris would these fine gems to offer so that we can start heading that way towards dinner time.
I was told long before to try L'epi dupin?? Is that still something to look into?

Thanks in advance ^^

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  1. Anoko, my husband and I have been researching too, as we will be traveling there for the 2nd time, in a few days soon as well. St. Germain is a great area, 6e. I've heard L'epi dupin is good as well, reasonably priced too, which is always nice. Cafe Flore is a classic as well. Also, I have been recommended a few times for La Ferrandaise..... locals, not touristy, they have a website too. Great place for steak frites: Chez George, Le Relais de Venise, and Severo. For pastries, sweets: Laduree, Gerard Mulot.

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      <Cafe Flore is a classic as well.> I'm curious about this reference to Cafe Flore. Are you suggesting it as a place for a meal? It's great for people watching, but for dining, I don't know anyone who would go there. The food is (to be kind) "unmemorable."

      1. re: ChefJune

        Chef June is being kind "Flore" is not good for food.

        Anoko - one tip, you will need to book your restaurants. Places like L'epi dupin are popular and you need to book a few days in advance, maybe a week in advance if you want a weekend table.

        There is no one area in Paris to head for as most arrondissements have a good share of fine restaurants. Check through this board for a lot of recommendations if you search on L'epi dupin you will find posts with similar restaurants.

        1. re: ChefJune

          Sorry, the reference was in regards to it being a classic, not necessarily the food being worthy.

      2. We enjoyed a dinner at L'Epi Dupin last year. The only downside for some is that the tables are very, very close together, but that never bothers me. The service and food (about €32 for dinner) were both good. Another nice spot I like is Le Temps Perdu in the 7th. It's popular with neighborhood folks and the food is quite good - family run. It's right near the Latour Maubourg Metro stop right at Les Invalides.