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Dec 9, 2007 09:54 AM

Paris restaurants open for Saturday lunch & dinner?

Hi all,

We're working on yet another version of our itinerary and are looking for a place open for Saturday lunch and/or dinner. We moved our entire trip back one day so that changes things a bit. We plan on going to Chez L'ami Jean for one of the meals that day but need suggestions for the other.

We're already going to:

Le Clos des Gourmets
Cafe Constant
Chez L'Ami Jean
Mon Vieil Ami
Pierre Gagnaire
L'Epi Dupin
Au Bon Accueil
Le P'tit Troquet
Aux Lyonnais
Les Bouquinistes

We're also willing to take out any of the above if anyone has better recommendations (esp. Au Bon Accueil and Aux Lyonnais).

Anna & Mike

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  1. Well, Taillevent is definitely not open on Saturdays.... I don't know all these places you've listed, so I can't comment on them. I know most of the posters here speak well of them.

    I passed Bouquinistes on my way to Macéo two Saturday nights ago..... It looked inviting.

    1. Ze Kitchen Galerie is open for dinner on Saturday. But you may also want to consider substituting it for Les Bouquinistes. I used to love LB, but the prices have gone way too high and they don't even give you an amuse bouche anymore. I don't think any French people eat there anymore. The chef at ZKG used to be at LB, food is comparable, it's filled with Parisians, and the prices are MUCH lower.

      Another good choice for Saturday lunch or dinner would be l'Os a Moelle. You will have a lovely 5-course dinner for 36 euros. The atmosphere is a simple modern bistro, but the food is a far cry above standard bistro.

      Le Dome du Marais is open Saturday and is also a good deal. The space is gorgeous and the food is quite good.

      1. I walked past Cafe Constant on Saturday (8th December) and it is closed for renovations. Not certain when you plan to travel - maybe substitute with Constant's new restaurant Les Cocottes which is a few doors further along the street.

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          Does ZE KITCHEN GALERIE have dinner prix-fixe menu?

          We'll be in Paris for 1 night in 2 weeks (Sunday night).

        2. L'Os a Moelle in the 15th is open for lunch and dinner on Saturday--at least it was the last time I was in Paris.